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Qualities of a Good Security Service Company

Selecting the right security services provider for your establishment should not be hit or miss. There is a lot at stake to risk going for a security services company you are not 100% sure with. But what exactly must you look for when opting for a security services provider?

If you have hired a security company earlier, you might already have an idea about the qualities that are ideal and not-so-ideal when it comes to security service providers. This blog by Miraz Securitas, which is Delhi and NCR’s top security services company shares some of the ideal qualities that you should look for in a security services company prior to availing of their services.


You will not want to deal with a shady organization, particularly while dealing with matters of security. A good security company is one you are able to trust to handle sensitive tasks such as safeguarding cash and valuable products and managing keys and passcodes, among others.

There are two things you can check to know if a security services company is legitimate or not and if they comply with the requirements under the provision of local authorities and laws:

  •        Security license

A security license is mandatory prior to a security company being able to provide its services to clients. Securing one includes rigorous checks on the organization’s background, identity, and criminal history.

  •        Certifications

Certifications prove that the organization complies with industry standards and follows the recommended management and operational methods in its industry. Few of those include ISO certification for Quality Management and Environmental Management.


Having loads of hands-on experience in giving security services accompanied by positive reviews, testimonials, and feedback from the company’s current and past clients is an indicator that your business will most possibly receive the same quality of service. What is the organization’s relationship with its clients? Can they give references who can attest to their reliability and performance? Do they have a potent portfolio in providing security services solutions that your business needs?


Maintaining a level of transparency with regards to agreements and negotiations also forms trust between the security services provider and the client. All provisions need to be well-defined from the start of the engagement and must be formally documented in a contract. These provisions might include the following:

  •        Responsibilities and duties of both client and security provider
  •        A procedure for resolving disputes
  •        Terms or points for reviewing, extending, and terminating the contract

Transparency also means giving regular security updates to clients which might include incident reports and patrol status. Several security companies have guard verification systems that they utilize to seamlessly record data, track the location of their security personnel, and present consistent comprehensive reports to their clients.

Invested in their team

A squad of security professionals is the backbone of a security services provider’s operations. How much the organization values its team members simply show how it values providing quality service to its clients. How invested is the organization in the professional development and betterment of its personnel? What sort of training does it provide? Are their professionals compensated adequately according to industry norms? The security officers’ job satisfaction will be visible in their performance when providing security services for your establishment.


A one-size-fits-all method of providing security solutions never works since all businesses are unique and so are their security requirements. Your security services provider must be able to work with you in identifying your security needs in relation to your business aims and creating a security plan that is particularly, made for your business.


Businesses undergo several changes that might also cause their security requirements to adjust. Security companies must be able to adapt accordingly to these changes by adjusting to the services they provide if needed.


You will always want to work with a company that is an expert in its field. One that has a good track record to back up their words. A company that has well-seasoned experts on its roster to provide guidance and direction to its team. It is up-to-date with the latest security industry developments and innovations and constantly improves its systems to stay relevant.

Industry compatible

A security services provider that completely understands your industry and how your business works is definitely a better fit. It takes dedication and real concern for a specific industry to get to know it better. More so to acquire the knowledge and skills required to respond to a specific industry’s security requirements and risks. How familiar is the organization with your industry? Has the company ever worked with businesses similar to yours? How informed are they with your industry news and trends?


An engagement with a security services provider generally, lasts years. Deploying new security personnel and protocols at your business establishment needs meticulous turnover processes, orientation, and specific adjustments from your existing employees. Changing security service providers can consume up your resources, efforts, and time. It is always beneficial to partner with a security services company that is capable of committing its services on a long-term basis and supporting your business as it progresses through cycles of challenges and growth.

There is no single perfect security service provider out there. Simply like any working relationship, a partnership with a security services company strengthens and enhances over time. Ticking off as many qualities in the above list as possible only suggests how well-equipped a security services company is in providing the best security-related service for your business.

We at Miraz Securitas are happy to say we possess most of the things mentioned above. Also, we believe in you getting in touch with us so you can check it yourself and ask us questions or raise concerns that will help you complete the given checklist for yourself.

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Atul Mahajan