Author: Atul Mahajan

hire security for mining sites in india_miraz securitas

What Can Security Do To Protect A Mine Site?

Miraz Securitas, a leading security service provider in India for the mining sector and sites shares what a security services cand do for mining sites in India

security services for gas plants_miraz securitas

What a Security Guard can do for an Oil and Gas Plant Unit?

Miraz Securitas, the leading private security guards service provider for oil and gas sectors in India tells what a security guard can do for oil and gas plants

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Important Tips for Hiring Armed Security Guards

Miraz Securitas, India’s leading private security company providing armed guards shares some important tips for hiring armed security guards

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5 Retail Security Tips to Keep Your Store Secure (2024)

Miraz Securitas, the leading security services provider for retail shops in Delhi NCR shares tips to keep your retail store secure

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4 Helpful Tips to Enhance Your Security Guard Service?

Miraz Securitas, one of India’s leading security service providers for offices, schools, hotels, and SEZs shares tips to boost your security guard service

Hire security in Delhi NCR_Miraz Securitas

What to Expect from Private Security Industry in Year 2024?

Miraz Securitas, which is one of India’s top private security services company shares things to expect from private security industry in 2024

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School Bus Safety Tips for Children in India

Miraz Securitas, a top security company for private and international schools in Delhi, Gurgaon, NOIDA, and Faridabad shares school bus safety tips for children

hire security services for schools in delhi_miraz securitas

5 Back to School Safety Tips for Primary Class Children

Miraz Securitas, which is one of the leading security services companies for schools in Delhi, NCR, shares safety tips for primary-class children.

India's leading pvt security guard company_miraz securitas

How to Protect Your Debit, or Credit Card from Fraudsters?

Safety Tips from Miraz Securitas In today’s digital age, where the internet permeates every aspect of our lives, the convenience of online transactions and cashless payments is undeniable. With just a few clicks or taps, we can buy groceries, book flights, or even pay bills without leaving the comfort of our homes. However, with the…

best security guard agency for schools in india_miraz securitas

Safety and Security Tips in Indian Boarding Schools

Miraz Securitas, India’s leding security companies for private, and boarding schools share tips for safety and security for Indian boarding schools