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5 Back to School Safety Tips for Primary Class Children

Back-to-school season stirs a mix of excitement, anxiety, and overwhelm for parents. Every parent wants their child to be safe as the new school year begins.

With rising concerns about school safety, including school shootings, bullying, and mental health, parents are more worried than ever. School can sometimes feel like a battleground rather than a place for learning.

As the new school year approaches, let’s explore 5 aspects of back-to-school safety. Think of it as mastering a new skill—balancing caution with enjoyment. Back-to-school safety is more than a to-do list item; it’s a top priority deserving our full attention.


What are the 5 back to school safety tips for primary-class children?

Miraz Securitas, the leading security services company for private and international schools in Delhi, Gurgaon, NOIDA, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and several other cities in Northern India shares safety tips for primary-class children.

Safe Walking Routes

For kids, especially those starting their first year of walking to school, safety is paramount. Look for the shortest routes with less traffic and sidewalks, minimizing road crossings.

Teach your child street-crossing rules: use crosswalks, stop at red lights, and wait for walk signals. When sidewalks aren’t available, instruct them to walk facing traffic.

Encourage walking with a buddy or in a group and designate safe meeting spots like parks or libraries. Remind them never to accept rides or talk to strangers.

Consider using GPS tracking devices like kids’ smartwatches for added peace of mind, many of them can be paired with a parent app, allowing location checks.

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Stranger Danger

Teaching children about “stranger danger” is vital for their safety. They need to understand who strangers are and why it’s crucial not to engage with them or accept anything from them.

Encourage children to stay with a group or trusted adult outside of school and avoid isolated areas. Make learning fun by role-playing various scenarios. Show them how to respond if approached by a stranger: confidently say “no,” run to safety, and seek help.

Emphasize the importance of caution, even if someone seems friendly, and remind them never to share personal information.

Buddy Method

Effective communication is crucial for back-to-school safety, especially for younger children. Encouraging them to continuously update a parent or guardian about their whereabouts ensures security in unforeseen circumstances.

The “buddy system” is a great strategy. Encourage your child to choose a reliable friend or classmate as their buddy for the day, providing an extra layer of protection during activities like walking to school or field trips. Emphasize the importance of sticking together and never wandering off alone, even in familiar places.

Urge them to speak up if they feel uneasy and remind them about the importance of having a designated check-in point and time. This offers a reassuring backup if anyone becomes lost or separated.

Integrating communication devices with the buddy system enhances safety, social skills, and camaraderie. Open communication and protective strategies empower children to navigate situations responsibly, offering peace of mind to parents.

School Zone and School Bus Safety

Teach children about safety rules in school zones, including reduced speed limits, marked crosswalks, and flashing lights. Encourage vigilance when using crosswalks and emphasize the guidance of crossing guards. For those biking to school, stress the importance of wearing helmets and following biking safety protocols.

Teach kids school bus safety: stand away from the curb, wait for the bus to stop completely, and take three giant steps when crossing. Don’t walk behind the bus. Once inside, take a seat and keep the aisle clear. Avoid distracting the driver. Bus drivers also have safety rules. Kindness among passengers fosters a safe atmosphere.

Communicate with Teachers

Encourage your child to communicate with teachers whenever they need help or feel uneasy. Teachers are there to support them academically and emotionally. Remind your child they can always approach teachers with any concerns, whether it’s about feeling uncomfortable, dealing with bullying, or facing challenges at school.


Atul Mahajan