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School Bus Safety Tips for Children in India

As parents, the safety of our children is always a top priority, especially when they are away from home. School bus travel is a daily routine for millions of kids, but putting your little ones on the bus for the first time can be overwhelming.

To help ensure their safety and give you peace of mind, here are some essential school bus safety tips to share with your children.

What are the school bus safety tips for children in India?

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Safely Getting to the Bus Stop

Teach your child to leave home on time to arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early. For younger children, consider driving them to the bus stop to ensure their safety and reinforce habits like looking both ways before crossing and staying a safe distance from the curb.

If driving isn’t an option, have them walk with an older sibling or a responsible neighborhood child. This buddy system enhances safety and teaches responsibility, offering a positive role model for following safety protocols.

Waiting For the Bus

While waiting at the bus stop, children should stay in a designated safe area away from the curb and traffic. This keeps them safe from passing vehicles and visible to the driver. Remind your child to stay in this zone until the bus has completely stopped and the door opens. They should also look both ways for oncoming traffic, as some drivers may ignore the bus’s red flashing lights and stop arm.

Boarding the Bus

When boarding the bus, your child should wait until the bus stops completely and the driver signals it’s safe to board. Ensure they understand not to approach the bus until these conditions are met.

Seating and Behavior Expectations

Once on the school bus, children should quickly find a seat and remain seated, facing forward throughout the ride to minimize injury risks. They should stay seated to avoid distracting the driver and understand the importance of following the bus driver’s safety instructions.

While Exiting the Bus

When leaving the school bus, kids should wait for it to fully stop before standing up and should be cautious when looking for cars. While drivers ensure safe unloading, children must also take responsibility for their safety. They should wait for the bus’s signals to exit, avoiding crossing behind it where visibility is limited. If they need to cross, they should do so in front of the bus where the driver can see them, ensuring they’re safe from traffic.

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Crossing the Road

Teach your child to step five giant steps away from the front of the school bus before crossing the road. This ensures they’re out of danger and visible to the bus driver. Making eye contact with the driver is crucial, as it signals when it’s safe to cross. They should only proceed when given the go-ahead by the driver.

Communicating With the Bus Driver

Encourage your child to talk to the bus driver if they feel unsafe or have concerns during the ride. Teaching them to communicate their worries is crucial for addressing issues promptly and building trust, creating a safer environment for all students.

Emergency Process

Ensure your child knows the school bus’s emergency procedures for unexpected situations. Teach them how to use emergency exits and follow school district guidelines. Consider using a smartwatch with GPS and SOS calling for added safety.

Reporting any Safety Concerns

Teach your child to report safety concerns promptly. Whether it’s aggressive driving near buses or inappropriate behavior by other children, encourage them to inform you or a teacher. This fosters a culture of safety and responsibility, ensuring a secure environment for all on the bus.

Atul Mahajan