Today more than 15,000 armed and unarmed security guards & officers of Miraz Securitas is securing the premises of India's most prestigious corporate and public sector organization. Miraz Securitas today services to organizations like Delhi University Colleges, National School of Drama (Theatre Olympic), Ministry of External Affairs (Government of India) corporate offices, business setups public sector and government.

Miraz Security holds a strong reputation among all companies for it's highly trained security guards - who are highly presentable, well behaved, groomed and are capable of handling all kind of situations like - crowd handling, security camera monitoring, armed guarding and much more. The security company provides guarding services for a whole cross section of clients, from multinational corporations to government sectors, hotels, corporate houses, residences, embassies, public & international schools, showrooms, industrial establishments, multinational companies, ATMs etc. Miraz also does a strong background check on each and every Miraz's Security personals through various background check procedures that include police verification & physical verifications too.

Miraz Secutiries Pvt Ltd offers a complete range of services across the India all delivered by expert security guards who have been fully trained and vetted. Our manned guarding service includes the following:

  1. Security Guards (Ex-Servicemen/Civilian)
  2. Armed Guards
  3. 24X7 Security Camera Monitoring
  4. Personal Security Officer (PSO's)
  5. Bodyguards
  6. Bouncers

REGISTRATION UNDER PSAR ACT (Private Security Agencies Act 2005)

Miraz Securitas is registered under PSAR Act. In fact, Miraz is one of the few Security Guard Agencies in Delhi & NCR that are registered under the Private Security Agencies Act 2005.

MIRAZ OFFERS EXCELLENT SECURITY AUDIT (that establish high-security standards and offers clients cost efficiency in their security budget).

In India lot of companies, business units retail and educational institutions are either under guarded (less number of guards) or employ more than required numbers of guards. Sometimes some intuitions are even guarded by less experienced and trained guards. With Miraz's excellent security audit and planning such security loopholes are completely removed PLUS the audit also makes sure that the company spends optimized security budget.

How Security Audit Works?

For every individual client, Miraz's does thorough security audit by analyzing factors like size of client's business premises, location, working hours and type of industry. For example, a manufacturing unit requires different kind of security management - safety of goods, monitoring entry and exit of workers, a brisk search of each worker, etc. Whereas an IT company the security demands 24x7 vigilance and monitoring, extra security for women employee, well-behaved and groomed security personal, etc. On other hand guarding schools and campuses need highly security guards that are excellent in crowd handling and understands security threats of schools and colleges. Similarly, Miraz also provides single or couple security guards to start-ups and personal houses.


From theft, armed robbery, the safety of women staff, stock stealing to drunken brawls, security has remained a continual issue for Indian business. The constant possibility of a threat means that security guards need to always be on their toes. So in order to perform their tasks in this way, Miraz Security Agency selects and trains security guards for particular skillset like.

Preparedness: This involves being properly and adequately equipped to handle any situation that comes in guard's way. Miraz Security guards are always suitably clothed and are fitted with adequate security gears that are necessary to keep them comfortable and effective during surveillance.

Honesty: Prior delegating security guards at client's properties, Miraz conducts a tough recruitment, background check, and reference check procedure and only when they get satisfied with a guard's honesty level they deploy them to guard their client.

Quick Reflexes: Miraz Securitas selects and trains their security guards and officer for quick reflexes. That means Miraz Security Guards are alert at all times and are able to assess what is going on around them quickly are able to react to a potentially dangerous situation. Security guards have to analyze the situation quickly so that they can decide how to address it.

Rationality: Along with quick reflexes, Miraz security guards good in judgment calls about whether something is a legitimate threat, and if it is a threat, how big it is.

Miraz Security Guards are good in their communication skills: Miraz trains its security guards and officers to be good and effective in their communication while they report to clients, between their teammates, and to the public.

Miraz Security Guards holds good strength and fitness: There is a definite chance of physical confrontation in this role. Whether there is a need to outrun a thief or break up a fight, in order to do so Miraz Security Guards possess good physical strength and fitness to keep up with offenders.


Miraz Security Agency meet all statutory obligations as applicable and hold valid PF, ESI and Service Tax codes.


Miraz is proud of the fact that it serves a wide spectrum of prestigious and highly satisfied clientele. Most of Miraz group clients have been with them from the very inception.


Miraz believes in maintaining a dynamic and close interface with our clients to be able to address immediate problems and maintain a pro-active profile.


Ever alert and fully alive, we respond to our clients' exacting, fluctuating, sudden and unforeseen requirements with utmost promptitude and diligence. This then constitutes the core element of "our cutting edge".


Our professional charges are based on the prevailing minimum wage.


Miraz provide proper uniform to all personnel deployed on sites. It is ensured that personnel are properly dressed and smartly turned out at all times.


Adequate lead-time, which can be mutually worked out, will be needed for deployment of personnel. Services shall commence after the contract has been signed.


For all the above and for the simple reason that we strongly believe in building, nurturing and sustaining a correct and enduring long term relationship that supports, strengthens and adds value to our services to inspire mutual pride and confidence on a continuum basis.