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At What Point Do You Need Personal Security Personnel?

When we enter any shopping mall or office building, the first person we meet is the security guard standing tall and alert at the entrance. They are the ones who keep us safe and secure. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own personal security guard; someone who would be solely dedicated to ensuring you and your family’s safety and well-being? Nowadays, having a personal security guard is not just a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. With increasing concerns about personal safety and the rising threat of crime in many areas, hiring a personal security guard has become a viable option for individuals and families who prioritize safety and security.

Miraz Securitas, the leading service provider or personal security officer (PSO) in India for politicians, and businessmen shares their views on the topic.

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They can handle any kind of security threat

The danger is unpredictable; anything can happen to anyone. Personal security guards are trained to assess risks in their assigned environment and take appropriate measures to prevent security breaches or respond swiftly in case of emergencies. Additionally, part of their duty involves planning and regularly inspecting potential threats to their clients’ safety, whether they are places, individuals, or online risks such as stalkers. This proactive approach ensures that clients feel secure wherever they go, with bodyguards remaining adaptable and prepared for sudden changes, including the need for disguises, in this digital age.

To protect celebrities and political leaders

You may require a personal security guard in situations where you face potential threats to your safety and well-being. Whether you’re a political leader amidst a contentious election campaign or a celebrity attending a public event swarmed by large crowds, the need for personal security becomes imminent. Political leaders are often targets of opposition and criticism, which can escalate into violence, especially in areas of political unrest. Similarly, celebrities contend with stalkers, obsessive fans, and intrusive paparazzi, all of which pose significant risks to their safety. Personal security guards play a crucial role in identifying and managing such threats, defusing volatile situations, and implementing proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of their clients.

For high-profile corporate head honchos

Today, even top corporate leaders face various risks, both in real life and online. These risks include physical dangers like stalking, harassment, or kidnapping, especially if they’re involved in controversial business deals or operate in unstable areas. Furthermore, as businesses rely more on digital technology, executives can also be targeted by cyber threats like hacking or scams, which can harm their company’s reputation and finances. That’s why having personal security guards is crucial. They protect corporate secrets, keep unwanted people away, and give executives peace of mind.

For a safe international travel

Sometimes, during international travel, high-profile individuals are exposed to security threats such as obsessed fans and thieves. The uncertain environment calls for the need to hire personal security guards to deter criminals and ensure safety. Whether for leisure or business, having security guards allows relaxation with family or confident pursuit of deals, safeguarding against potential harm and providing peace of mind abroad.


Private security guards offer tailored security solutions at lower costs compared to law enforcement agencies. Clients can opt for part-time or full-time services as needed. This flexibility allows individuals and organizations to meet their security requirements efficiently without incurring the high expenses associated with maintaining a dedicated police presence. Thus, hiring private security guards proves to be a cost-effective solution for enhanced security measures.

If you think personal security is a luxury, think again. From managing diverse threats to ensuring safe international travel, private security guards offer tailored solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient, providing peace of mind in an ever-changing landscape.

Atul Mahajan