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5 Ways to Stay Safe on Your College Campus

Security Tips for Indian Educational Institutes and Universities: Miraz Securitas

Several students will enroll in the colleges this year. Unluckily, with so many students, dormitories, and valuables, even the safest of colleges face certain forms of crime such as burglaries, thefts, and even ragging and assaults.

Though safety is a priority for colleges, it is still essential to take action to improve your personal safety and keep your belongings secured.

Before heading to the college campus keep these tips handy from Miraz Securitas, the most trusted security guards company for Indian colleges and universities.

Know about the campus safety office

Every college campus is supposed to have a safety or security office or department. Make the most of those resources. Your college website will provide you with details pertaining to office hours and ways to contact and other safety resources online.

Steps to be taken

  • Contact or write your campus safety department and request information about the programs.
  • Check out if the campus has emergency phone stations, safety maps, or safety apps along with security professionals.
  • Check your campus’ annual safety report

Take precautions post it gets dark

It is no secret that many criminals prefer the cover of darkness compared to the stark light of day. That is no different on a college campus.

We do not want you to feel like danger lurks around every corner, but it is wise to minimize risks.

Walking alone, parking your vehicles in a poorly-lit area, or exploring new areas on campus are all actions that come with greater risk at night.

Steps to be taken

  • Use a buddy system while walking at night.
  • Park in a well-lit area.
  • Know the area beforehand prior to you moving out.

Keep your belongings safe

Do not leave your hostel room or dormitory without properly locking up your belongings. No matter how quickly you plan to turn up. And do not stop there, you can lock up everything from your documents, and laptop to your mini-refrigerator.

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Steps to be taken

  • If you particularly live on the ground or first floor, make a habit of close and locking all the windows.
  • Keep blinds or curtains closed.
  • Use a small safe to keep your valuables protected.
  • Pick a laptop lock to secure your laptop

Be careful while getting in your car

In case you have parked your car in a well-lit area, it is time to take safety measures once you get inside the car. Several people never bother to check the backseat or beneath the vehicle before getting behind the steering. A potential threat could be hidden there, specifically, if you tend to leave your vehicle unlocked or windows not rolled up.

Steps to be taken

  • Keep the keys or key fob prepared prior to you reaching your vehicle. You will not want to fumble if someone is approaching you fast.
  • Look around your vehicle.
  • Do not indulge in any phone call while boarding your car, or do not carry cash without putting them inside, if you have used ATM to withdraw it.
  • Do not expose your valuables.

Be smart while using social media

Social media is now a part of life. After all, it is a great way to keep in touch with your loved ones. But social media could also provide a peek into your habits and movements to possible predators. Be wise about the things you post anything on social media.

Steps to be taken

  • Never geotag your photos, it reveals your location.
  • Never publicly announce when you will leave your premises.
  • Review settings, and ensure only your approved connections can see your posts and photos.
  • Disable location services.
  • Always log outpost using your social media accounts.
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