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8 Key School Safety Techniques for a More Secure Facility

Safety and security are vital concerns not only for adults but also for our most vulnerable members of society—children.

In today’s world, where incidents of crime and violence seem to be on the rise, ensuring the safety of our schools has become a primary concern in communities worldwide. Children, along with administrators and their families, deserve to feel safe and secure within the educational environment.

To address this critical issue, it’s imperative to implement effective school safety techniques that can enhance security and provide peace of mind for all stakeholders. Miraz Securitas, the leading security services provider for private and international schools in Delhi, Gurgaon, and NOIDA shares 8 safety techniques for enhanced security in schools.

What are the 8 Essential Keys to  School Safety Techniques for a More Security Facility?

According to Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas, the key points are shared. They are:

Guard Your Entry and Exit

When it comes to school safety, securing the perimeter is crucial. Fences and gates are essential for both exterior and interior safety. Designated drop-off zones and parking lots should be guarded to prevent unauthorized access.

Implementing strict policies and signage ensures compliance. Regular monitoring through security guards and surveillance maintains control.

Differentiating parking for staff, students, and visitors, along with ID systems, adds layers of security. Properly secured entry points and periodic inspections are vital precautions.

Surveillance Cameras are crucial

Installing high-resolution surveillance cameras in critical areas such as entry points, corridors, and parking lots is vital for school safety. Administrators can swiftly address issues with improved awareness.

Cameras, placed both inside and outside, deter crime and monitor student behavior without intruding into private areas. Integration with alarms enhances security, and regular maintenance sustains camera effectiveness.

Monitor your Access Points

In order to ensure school safety, limit access points to one main entrance for all—students, staff, and visitors. Keep other doors locked, monitoring them regularly. Clearly, direct visitors to the main entrance if more access is needed.

Maintain exits for fire safety, ensuring they’re not used for unauthorized entry. With streamlined monitoring and secure entryways, the school remains safe while providing quick exits for emergencies.

Emergency Plans

Every school needs a detailed emergency response plan to ensure safety. These plans cover natural disasters, fires, and security issues. Regular drills train students and staff to respond effectively.

Collaboration with law enforcement enhances the plan’s effectiveness. Clear protocols and communication minimize confusion, enabling swift action during crises, ultimately keeping schools safe and secure.

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Adopt Cybersecurity Measures

In today’s digital age, schools in India rely heavily on technology for education, making them susceptible to cyber threats. To safeguard student records and financial data, strong cybersecurity measures like firewalls, antivirus software, and regular security audits are crucial.

These defenses are vital for protecting the integrity and security of schools.

Identify, Report, Prevent

Today, it is even more crucial to train all teachers and students to recognize potential threats. Encourage them to watch for signs like extreme aggression, obsession with violence or guns, and any form of violent threat.

Social isolation and bullying are also red flags. Report any concerning behavior to administrators or law enforcement promptly. Utilize a school safety app with threat identification features to manage risks effectively.

Visitor Management System

Every school must implement a visitor management system to control visitor flow and enhance security. Visitors, whether scheduled or unscheduled, should sign in at the front desk.

Ensure visitors have school-issued identification or badges. Train security to identify unauthorized individuals. Escort visitors to their destination after check-in and badge issuance.

Stay Connected, Stay Safe

Schools must prioritize two-way communication for safety. It connects everyone, including faculty and security. Classrooms need microphones linking to security offices. Panic buttons ensure swift reactions.

Keep local law enforcement informed. Update emergency protocols regularly. This ensures quick responses and keeps everyone safe.

So, prioritizing school safety encompasses guarding entry points, utilizing surveillance, monitoring access, practicing emergency drills, implementing cybersecurity, fostering threat awareness, managing visitors, and maintaining effective communication.

These measures collectively ensure a secure environment, safeguarding students, staff, and assets, ultimately promoting a conducive learning atmosphere.


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