Fire Safety and Prevention Tips for Offices During the Summers

Summers are already here, it is the time of voltage consumptions, voltage fluctuations, running ACs, power cuts for offices in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and in other parts of northern India.

Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when maximum numbers of fire incidences are reported, especially from commercial buildings and offices. As, we have already seen several times this year already multiple cases of fire accidents.

So, what can you do to keep your office safe from fire incidences? Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd, India’s top security services company for offices and organizations shares few important fire safety tips that you can tell your facility management, security personnel, and other staff to follow.

  • Practice Good Workplace Housekeeping. The clutter of paper wastes, plastics, packaging materials contributes to fires by providing fuel and by preventing access to exits and emergency equipment.
  • Practice Proper Waste Management. Many a times cleaning and maintenance staff from unorganized sectors don’t follow proper waste management procedures. It is often witnessed that these staff temporarily keep garbage bags in corners of the office premises that are not visible till those are not properly disposed or picked by NDMC. These are the places where external electric wires are placed, electric meter box and external AC ducts are placed. Ensuring timely waste disposal will ensure avoiding trouble.
  • Proper Maintenance Management. Most fire situations start from faulty wiring and malfunctioning electrical equipment, hence ensure the electric repair work is done by qualified electricians. Ask the electrician or instruct your maintenance management firm to do a regular inspection of plugs, electric sockets, wires, joints, and appliances.
  • Place well functioned fire extinguishers in your office premises and make sure those extinguishers are easily assessable, operated and are in working conditions.
  • Keep Good Office Security guards who know how to use fire extinguishers and how to deal with emergency fire situations. Good security guards also help fire preventions because: –
  1. They make sure there are no unwanted entries in store rooms (a lot of times staffs use store rooms to smoke).
  2. They make sure no unwanted entries and activities in the office premises, sometimes thefts of building wirings, generators or their parts, lights and bulbs add to fire.
Atul Mahajan