Things to Keep in Mind while Selecting the Right Security Guard Company in India

Security is an area of life that cannot be compromised.  When it’s the matter of efficiently running a business, one has to ensure that the business premises, employees, and assets are properly been protected.

Today the high commercial retail price and government regulations have pushed most national and international companies to shift their business premises to city outskirts or in Government designated Special Economic Zone like Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, etc.

A majority of these places are remotely located, surrounded by areas with high crime rates, and suffer from weak police strength.  Hence selecting the right security guard company is essential for companies located in Delhi’s NCR region or in other SEZ and city outskirts. Today Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd India’s top security guard agency shares some interesting and effective methods that every company should remember and consider when hiring a security guard company.

Determine if the security company has a local infrastructure and can deliver services in the region where your business is located.

A good security company must be able to do what it says it is going to do at a particular location. That means it should be able to recruit and manage in or near the area where the business premise is located.

Determine if the security company can offer you a good security audit

Remember the answers to the question like how many security guards your business premises needs, what kind of training they need and if they need firearms or how many of them need to be armed – all these questions can only be answered by a good security auditor, who will examine your premises and access the security risks.

Consider hiring a security company that is backed by high ranked ex-defense personnel

An efficient security audit forms the base to develop an effective security management for any kind of organization. An ideal security company should provide security audit under the supervision by a high ranked ex-army personnel who are trained, experienced and successful in security management in a real war scenario.

Make sure the Security Company possess the relevant certification of operation

One needs to ensure that it should be registered under the private security agency act 2005. The armed guards should pose proper arm licenses etc.

Ask for opinions and suggestions from the security company’s existing and past clients

Since you will be giving your office keys to your security firm’s personal so don’t just listen to what the security company’s representative or its website says. Personally, call 3 to 4 existing and past clients of the agency and ask for their satisfaction level while working with the security company. Try to call those clients whose business type matches yours.

Cost is important but shouldn’t be the only consideration when selecting a security provider

During the demonetization period and slow economic progress, in particular, it is tempting to just accept the lowest bidder without taking into account other factors. Unfortunately, when it comes to contract with Security Company this approach will most likely affect the caliber of officers who will be assigned. A lot of time small security companies break down and accept the low price that clients offer during a negotiation process. Remember if you are paying a lesser price to the security company than that of the market rate, then the security company likely will pay a lower wage to the assigned security person at your business premises.

Atul Mahajan