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Do You Have the Right Security Guards to Secure Your Office Premises? Here are Ways to Improve your Office Security.

A few years ago, a murder inside India’s prominent IT company’s office premises has shaken the whole country. If one of the most guarded and secure office spaces cannot guarantee employee’s safety in their own work station what else then can secure the safety of the employee? Incidents like those always bother the employees and since, then several companies have put more emphasis on their round-the-clock security.

Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd which is India’s leading security guard services provider for offices says long-term high safety standards of office premises cannot be achieved merely by installing security cameras, biometric door locks, and just hiring a security guard agency. It is essential that office administrators remember and follow certain safety protocols on regular basis. These additional security measures are: –

1.Before hiring the security agency, an organization must ensure a referral check in order to hire a good and reputed security agency with adequate experience and understanding of the security needs that are specific to your business area and location. In addition to experience and knowledge, a good security agency is also identified by its quality of security audit. Remember a good security audit can only be done by a good security expert, like someone from a high-ranked defense background. A good security audit also ensure: –

a) An optimum number of security guards are deployed on your office premises-   (neither excess nor less for optimized security budget).

b) What kind of training and defense skills the guards must hold, depending on the location of the office, type of visitors, the number of employees and office area that has to be managed etc.

2. For all part-time/temporary staff members such as – sweepers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc, an office must take extra precaution when these outsiders come inside office premises. One of the efficient options are to select a good facility management agency where such visitors are permanently hired under payroll and are recruited after proper police verifications and document cross-check.

3. Continuous involvement in the deployment process goes a long way to enhance safety standards. Most companies don’t pay attention to the guards who get deployed or replaced after the company hires the security agency. Such negligence must be avoided. The background documents of each guard must either be reviewed by the HR & Admin Heads or representatives of the senior management even before they are deployed. Not only does this work as a quality control tool nut also provides a sense of responsibility and human connectivity among guards while they secure your office. After all, they are part of your office environment and not working under their employer’s watch.

4. Night checking in order to ensure safety beyond working hours and surprise audits are some of the methods a good security agency would rely on. This must be an important aspect in making the choice of the security agency.

Atul Mahajan