Deep Cleaning Services by Miraz Securitas

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Deep Cleaning of Home

Owning a luxurious flat or home is not an enough, but a correct deep cleaning of your expensive kitchen or bathroom cabinets, sinks, taps, bathtub, bathing module, modular crockery cupboards and others, is necessary to sustain your expensive home accessories, to keep your home infection free and to maintain its sparkling look. However, a deep home cleaning requires professional tools and expertise which is not easy to find.

That is why leading security service and janitor service providers, Miraz Securitas has launched a special deep home cleaning PLUS disinfection service that ensure – right cleaning, maintenance, and infection free healthy home.

3 Reasons to Book Miraz Securitas Janitor Service’s Professional Deep Home Cleaning Service are: –

Maintain Hygiene: Deep cleaning your home, especially your kitchen and bathroom is utmost important because of the hygiene reasons; you don’t want bacteria spreading through your home that can be prevented by deep clean.

Prevent Foul Smell: Due to the high moisture content and the items that we store there, the bathroom will begin to smell musty and dirty. Hence, it gets important to book a professional bathroom cleaning service.

Save Time and Money: When not properly maintained, kitchen, bathrooms, room floors, electric chimney, walls, showers can become a nuisance to clean because stains and dirt can quickly build up. If cleaned correctly, facilities can avoid problems, such as rust stains and mould on the floors, sinks, and toilets, which can result in having to replace these fixtures sooner than normal. Thus Miraz’s Professional bathroom deep cleaning and maintenance can save valuable time and money.

When should you book a Miraz’s Home Deep cleaning Service?

  • Every month, to keep your home, clean, sanitized and healthy.
  • Before moving into a new home or after renovation work.
  • Before or after a party or get together.

Why Miraz Securitas Janitor’s Cleaning Service?

  • Trained Technicians: Miraz Securitas cleaning professionals are trained technicians and are taken through levels of quality checks before getting on board with us, to ensure the quality of work.
  • Hygiene: While providing you with quality service, we never let your hygiene suffer at any point- with the use of bathroom cleaning tools and professional grade chemicals.
  • Flexibility: Miraz lets you get the entire home or bathroom or kitchen deep cleaning service at your doorstep, at your chosen time and place without bothering to budge.

About Miraz Securitas Janitor and Cleaning Service

Miraz Securitas India’s leading security and janitor service provider with work force of 20000 trained profession.

Is bringing this monsoon season a limited period and exclusive service on call for all sorts of housekeeping services that ranges from cleaning to sanitization of your homes, offices, shop, and other establishments at a reasonable price.

This is a limited time offer. So, hurry and give us a call on 8700254133 to avail of the international standard services from Miraz at a discounted rate.

Actual Price: Rs. 12, 999/-

**Special Discounted Price: Rs.8999/-**

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Atul Mahajan