8 Effective Ways to Secure Warehouse or Business Property in India

When a business invests lakhs and crores on a factory, warehouse or real estate project with expensive equipment and raw materials the last thing an entrepreneur and top management want to have is the trespass on the property. Trespasser could be thieves, robbers or even a sabotage attempt from a competitor. Having tight security is a key foundation to protect business property still with best efforts damage and theft of business assets keep on happening in India.

According to Mr. Atul Mahajan, who is also the Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd (which is one of Northern India’s top Security Guard Service Providers) says that the key to protecting business assets and property is to follow key certain security measures along with hiring good security guard agency. These important security measures for protecting business properties are: –

Carry out a risk assessment

A lot of time businesses start accepting petty thefts or even moderate crimes considering nothing much can be done to recover the lost items or they justify its part of most businesses. Hence the first thing a business should do is to identify the risks and vulnerable areas and assets.

Secure your premises

If need be, strengthen doors, fit window locks and install security lighting. Each can deter burglars because most burglaries are unplanned. If access points are vulnerable, install CCTV. If you don’t have an alarm – get one fitted and put up signs to warn of its presence. Put up security mirrors to cover any blind spots.

Train employees

Make sure the staffs know what to do in the event of a serious threat. Ask your security guard agency to train your people to recognise suspicious behaviour if they carry cash from or to the back. Keep as little cash as possible on site and routinely empty tills. Take any excess cash to your bank. Put up signs warning that certain parts of your premises are only accessible to staff members.

Secure your equipment

Carry out regular property and equipment audits and allocate responsibility for particular items to individual employees. Tag computers and record details of serial numbers. Consider securing expensive equipment for floors or walls. Also, make sure any bikes and vehicles are kept secure.

Protect your stock

Being organised will help business identify any discrepancies in the stock count early on. Keep on top of paperwork and question excessive amounts of voids, credits or damage claims. Dedicate special time to carry out regular stock takes.

Prevent employee theft

Always verify previous employment history and check references – even for casual or part-time employees. Introduce clear policies about employee theft and make sure that staffs are properly informed about it. Exercise due caution when granting access to keys and revealing security codes. All instances of theft should be met with decisive action. Be prepared to fully support prosecution. Keep a close eye on till money and petty cash, as both are particularly vulnerable to employee theft.

Undertake regular checks

Crime changes because criminals know they need to find different or more sophisticated methods if they are in to stay in business. Make sure that your security measures remain up to the challenge. Do this at least once a year and always remain open to suggestions from your staff about how you can better protect your business.

Hiring a Security Guard

Despite all the security technology available today, hiring the right security agency is must protect the business property. Make sure your security agency is capable of doing an effective security audit of your property – which is essential to deploy the correct number of security guards with the right training and if required then with the right firearm.