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How One Can Keep their Offices Clean and Sanitized During the COVID-19?

In an attempt to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some tips for disinfecting your office to stop the spread of the virus.

According to Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd which is Delhiā€™s leading company for providing COVID-19 sanitization services and security guard services say office spaces or buildings, including conference rooms, must be cleaned every evening post the office hours or early in the morning before the rooms are occupied.

Cleaning and sterilization are the vital things that need to be followed during the COVID spread. Depending upon the number of employees, disinfectants must be used frequently. The most common and potent disinfectant is Sodium Hypochlorite (normally known as Household Bleach) is available with a 5-6% solution that can be diluted with water.

Any surface that includes tabletops, countertops, tables, handles, door latches, and knobs must be left for 60 seconds in contact with the solution and then needs to be wiped off.

Certain Precautions: It is vital to keep the doors open, make sure of proper ventilation and one must not directly inhale it and must not be mixed with any other disinfectants which are quaternary ammonium compounds. For electronic gadgets such as mobiles, desktops, laptops, mouse, and mouse pads, keyboards, normal sanitisers could be used which has a composition of isopropyl alcohol of 70%.

For sterilization of rooms and corridors with expected gatherings, using a UV-C band of light in the room is an effective way of disinfection. The room must be closed and the light should not be seen directly as it can be hazardous for vision. In this situation, it is very critical to keep the office ambience hygienic and well sanitized.

While most of people prefer to keep several items, which has a strong possibility of multiple touches, clean, but other things such as clothes (uniform), carpets, rugs, and doormats that also needs to be cleaned, the doctor said.

Usually, the available disinfectants such as Lyzol, Harpic, 256 DT (mixed with water) can be used to clean and mop the floor and soap solution can be used to disinfect cloth materials that can be washed in the warmest water possible. Actually, cleaning has to be done effectively especially for things which are easily contactable

As per the guidelines issued by the Union Health Ministry, hand sanitizing stations must be installed in office premises (specifically at the entry) and near high contact surfaces.

In addition, all employees must consider cleaning the work area in front of them using a disinfecting wipe prior to use and sit. Also, make sure to sit one seat further away from others.

About Miraz Securitas Disinfection Services in Delhi and the other North Indian States

Miraz Securitas today offers northern India’s leading disinfection and sanitization services. Miraz’s Commercial COVID-19 Virus Decontamination Service involves deep cleaning and disinfection of properties like – Residential Buildings, Schools, Offices, Malls, Metro Stations, Shopping Complexes and Business Parks.

Miraz Securitas disinfectant procedure starts with deep cleaning of the surface, it involves cleaning with soap, chlorine solutions (bleach), quaternary solutions (quats), and iodine. The initial cleaning will remove any dirt or grease, but will not necessarily kill COVID 19.

Thus, in the final stage of sanitization to ensure complete cleaning of coronavirus, Miraz uses the international sanitation standard for coronavirus sanitization i.e. set by the (International Disinfectant Standard set by United Environmental Protection Agency). Detailed Information on Disinfection Services, please call at 070426 59211

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