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How to Select the Right Bouncer for Indian Hotels, Pubs, and Clubs?

When you are in the business of hotels, clubs, discotheque, music venue and pubs, selecting the right bouncers for securing your facility is of utmost importance to run the business smoothly and efficiently. The job of a bouncer is to perform good crowd handling, securing women guests and to make sure that nobody is acting aggressively or destructively, and protects property and equipment from damage.

If a person is acting in a dangerous or unseemly manner, the bouncer’s job is to warn that person and, if needed, eject them from the venue.

In case a business deploys an incompetent bouncer who lacks the right kind of training and grooming, such a security person can easily miss-judge and miss-handle any tricky situation and that can lead the business to get in legal troubles, negative publicity in news channels and newspapers and they may even have to heavy compensations to a customer. So how to know if your security agency has provided you with the right kind of bouncers or if you have hired yourself hired the right bouncer for your business?

Today, India’s leading security expert and Delhi’s biggest bouncer service providers, Mr. Atul Mahajan who is also the director of Miraz Securities Pvt Ltd, shares what are the qualities of a good bouncer.

1. Good communication skills:

Bouncers often perform the crowd handling, they ask customers for ID, ask them to behave properly or if necessary they ask them to leave the venue. In fact its bouncer’s good ability to talk to customers, including those who are intoxicated or potentially violent, that work as the best first step in avoiding a fight or other incident. In addition, they will need to talk to unruly patrons and possibly communicate with police if an altercation happens.

2. Good decision making:

Throwing someone out of the bar is not always the answer to a problem. A good security guard needs to have other tools in his repertoire. Hence when you are interviewing a bouncer candidate for your business make sure you ask the questions related to how he’s has handled difficult situations in the past. How has he resolved them? Does his solution match your philosophy? Also, ask him about a few scenarios to see how he would react.

Here are a few scenarios you can use as examples to get started:

  1. A patron hands you a fake ID. What do you do?
  2. A couple is engaged in a heated argument in the bar. What do you do?
  3. A potential patron offers you money to get into the bar without waiting in the long line. What’s your reaction?
  4. A patron may be using illegal drugs in your establishment. What do you do?

3. Strong physical presence:

Presence doesn’t mean the guard has to look like he spends 15 hours a day lifting weights and taking steroids. But the guard should have a cool confidence that tells people, “I am in charge. Don’t mess with me because you won’t win.”

Beside confidence a bouncer must be physically strong, in case a physical altercation happens, bouncers need to be able to break up fights and physically eject people from the building or restrain them until the police can arrive. But don’t hire bullies or show-offs. Watch all new security staff members closely for a week. Check them all out with the local and state police. If you have complaints about them from customers, investigate the complaints immediately. If you have to replace them, replace them.

 4. Good observation Skills:

Remember a bouncer need to be on the lookout for trouble, and he must possess good observation skills so that he can detect false identification, and be aware of their surroundings.

Atul Mahajan