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The Changing Role of Security Guards in India During COVID-19

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, all over the world, security guards are seeing their roles change as they have been enlisted to assist the community and the government in combating the COVID-19 in what may once have been seen as non-traditional security roles.

In a couple of months, the security guard’s role in any business store has been modified from loss prevention and employee safety to ensuring every customer or employee is maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask in the business, reading and monitoring thermal temperature, supplying to hand sanitisers.

Miraz Securitas, one of India’s top security company has trained its 15,000 security guards for COVID-19 standards over past months. These guards are backed by another 5,000 strong force of sanitization team who are trained and equipped to 100% sanitized a property for any pathogens including coronavirus. Some of the leading clients of Miraz Securitas are the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi University Colleges, International and Private Schools, etc.

Talking on the changing role of security guards in India, Mr Atul Mahajan, Miraz Securitas’s Director shares that in the POST Pandemic era, Security Guard has to perform a dual role, both to guard the property against theft, crime as well as safeguard it from COVID-19.

Mr. Mahajan ads to prepare for this day, Miraz Securitas’s security guards have undergone numerous days of stringent training simply to cope with the operational functioning that is needed to fight and ward off the dangerous Covid-19 that can enter your premises any time.

The security guards who are appointed across several geographical regions of India in the vicinity such as residential colonies, commercial shopping complexes, malls, and multiplexes are trained in such a manner that they are diligently ensuring your safety and it starts by doing a continuous manual screening of each individual with the help of thermal screening technology across various premises. Only to ensure that you remain safe and hazard-free.

The appointed security guards are so well equipped that when they are checking each visitors at different premises, comes to know that a visitor to the premises has carried the symptom of COVID-19, it has an alert special team of Sanitization Workers who are always equipped with the PPE suits and various Sanitization mechanisms that instantly make your area secured by taking the sanitization process immediately so that any possible threat of spreading of virus can be finished even before it has any possibility of looming over the surface or the premises.

This adversity has taught everyone that a human being can no longer stay confined to a particular role. To survive one needs to constantly upgrade their existing skills.

And your security guards are probably the frontline individuals who can help you in your fight against this pandemic. Especially, if they are fully trained.

And in this hour of crisis, Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd is willing to extend its quality and professional services both in terms of securing your place from threats like theft, burglar, and the biggest one in the form of the invisible threat from Covid-19 through the Disinfectant Services.

P.S. Mr. Atul Mahajan is a pioneer in the field of providing excellent security guard services, housekeeping, and facility maintenance services along with the disinfectant services through his erstwhile company Miraz Securitas.

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