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Why School Buses are Safer Options for Kids in India?

Safety is the first thing that comes to the minds of Indian parents when they think of their children commuting to school. And their worry is quite justified. With the rise of traffic accidents, unsafe road conditions, and crime, it’s no surprise that safety is their top priority. Indian roads are notorious for being unsafe. Over the past few years, there have been multiple cases of road accidents wherein school-goers have been run over by school buses. Therefore, parents want to ensure their children are safe when traveling to school. Thus, many Indian parents opt for private transportation for their children, even if it is more expensive.

According to a recent study conducted in major cities of India, the school bus continues to be the top choice for parents looking for a safe and secure way for their children to get to school. Miraz Securitas, which is the most trusted security guard company for schools and colleges delves deep into the subject.

Unique color code

As per the law, all school buses in India are painted yellow. The distinct yellow color besides being visible from a distance can also be seen in the rain, fog, and dew. The bright color alerts other drivers to the presence of a school bus, allowing them to drive more carefully. This is why yellow has become synonymous with school buses and is also known as the ‘school bus yellow’. Additionally, the words “School Bus” written conspicuously on the front and on the back add an extra layer of safety. This further ensures the safe transportation of students and makes it easier for drivers to identify the bus quickly.

Presence of a bus attendant

The presence of a well-trained nanny, a teacher, and a conductor ensures the safety of the children onboard.

 Safety features/ measures

GPS and CCTV cameras are installed on school buses as safety features to provide real-time location and speed monitoring, optimize routes, and allow parents and school officials to monitor the activities inside the bus.  Additionally, a high-quality secure lock prevents students from opening it anytime while the bus is in transit. Other security features like a buzzer for speeding, a tilt-alert system, an impact alert mechanism, and emergency buttons are also present to strengthen the security system of the school bus. Additionally, emergency exits should be clearly marked, and all staff and students should be familiar with emergency protocols.

Safety equipment

A first-aid box and a fire extinguisher in working condition are a must for all school buses. Additionally, keeping a spare set of emergency lights and a list of emergency numbers handy is strongly advised.


Punctuality at school is of the utmost importance for all students. Thus, it is imperative for school bus drivers to always arrive on time.

Trained drivers

School bus drivers are hired after a thorough background check, and their driving license is properly verified before recruitment.  They receive regular training and refresher courses, which keep their skills up to date and ensure that they know the latest laws and regulations. They are also required to pass a physical examination on an annual basis to ensure that they are physically fit to drive a school bus.

Protective seating

Besides being well anchored, the school buses have specially designed seats with energy-absorbing backs that can withstand the impact of collisions unlike other passenger vehicles thereby ensuring adequate safety of passengers onboard. It is quite evident from the article that school buses are a lot safer than private vehicles. After all, we are talking about the safety of the children, the citizens of tomorrow.                                     

Atul Mahajan