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Why do Indian School Campuses and Classrooms Need Security Cameras?

Today, the biggest debate is whether surveillance cameras in schools are a way to protect students and staff, or are they a direct violation of privacy rights. In the past few years, crimes against children inside school premises have increased considerably. This has led to a growing number of schools installing surveillance cameras to help protect students and staff.

However, this has raised questions about how much surveillance is too much and if it is infringing on students’ privacy rights. As the debate continues, a key factor to consider is how to balance safety with privacy, and how to ensure that surveillance cameras are used responsibly and judiciously in schools. From bullying to sexual harassment, even murder, Indian schools are no longer a safe haven for students and staff.  It is no surprise, therefore, that parents are more concerned about the safety of their children attending school than ever before.

To ensure safety and security, all schools in India should be equipped with security cameras, so that perpetrators are aware of the surveillance and discouraged from committing crimes. This will help create a safe and secure learning environment for everyone involved.

Miraz Securitas, a leading security service provider for private and international schools in Delhi, Gurgaon, and NOIDA shares insight into the significance of security cameras on school campuses.

To prevent theft, mischief, vandalism, and other potential threats

By installing surveillance cameras, schools can stay abreast of potential dangers and enhance the security of their premises. Additionally, surveillance cameras can provide invaluable evidence if an incident occurs, allowing authorities to investigate further and take necessary action. This is because footage from surveillance cameras can be used to identify perpetrators and also provide valuable insight into the timeline and context of an incident.

This allows for a more informed response and helps to ensure that justice is served. This is especially true in cases where there are no other witnesses or physical evidence. Surveillance cameras can provide a clear picture of the events that took place, which can be used to corroborate other witnesses’ testimony or to stand alone as evidence. This is especially relevant in cases of violent crime where identifying the perpetrator is key to bringing them to justice.

Bullet cameras a.k.a. lipstick cameras can be installed on walls and ceilings of the school building as they can capture sharp images of objects, people, and even license plates of vehicles at larger distances. This makes them ideal for use in school surveillance, as they can capture images of trespassers or potential threats from far away.

Provide better access control

A school usually has multiple access points, which makes it difficult to keep track of them all. This is especially true for larger schools, where the number of access points can quickly become unmanageable. In addition, new access points may be added over time as the school expands, creating additional complexity.

By providing a visual barrier, security cameras can prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, it will ensure that all access points are tracked, monitored, and updated to reflect any changes in the school’s security policies. They also provide an additional layer of security, allowing security personnel to monitor the area in real time and respond quickly to any potential threats. Furthermore, the cameras can also be used to deter potential criminals, as they can be a visible reminder that their activities are being watched. Moreover, security cameras can help to create an audit trail, enabling security personnel to review the footage and identify any suspicious activity.

Maintains discipline

The purpose of a school is to teach discipline and decorum. To reinforce these values, teachers must model good behavior in the classroom. Surveillance cameras can help students become more responsible for their actions as they know they are being monitored. This increased accountability can result in fewer disciplinary issues, resulting in a more conducive learning environment. Many schools in India have CCTV cameras that are connected to Digital Video Recorder (DVR) systems, which help principals to keep a tab on everything from their offices.

This provides the school staff with an extra layer of security and allows them to constantly monitor the premises from the comfort of their workspace. These security measures are instrumental in providing a safe environment for students, making the school campus a secure location. The surveillance footage has helped several schools in India to solve cases of bullying, petty thievery, and other such behavioral issues. With the help of surveillance footage, school authorities can promptly identify and address any concerning behavior, allowing them to take corrective action before the situation escalates. This helps to ensure that the school environment is safe and secure for all students.

Helps to prepare for emergencies

A network of CCTV cameras installed at strategic locations across campus provides peace of mind, as well as a sense of prevention, preparedness, and response. These cameras are able to detect suspicious activities and alert authorities, enabling them to take quick action to prevent any untoward incidents. Furthermore, they can be used to identify and apprehend perpetrators of criminal activity. By providing reliable 24/7 surveillance, these CCTV cameras not only provide safety and security but also give a feeling of assurance in case of emergencies.

Cloud-based security cameras provide real-time monitoring of the school premises and can be accessed from any location. They also provide reliable storage of data in the cloud, making it easier for school authorities and law enforcement to access the footage when needed. With this, security personnel can monitor the premises and take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

There could be situations like a bomb threat or a terrorist attack when a quick evacuation is a must. Remotely monitored security cameras can keep track of any student or staff is left behind inside the building and can be rescued accordingly. This allows for a more efficient evacuation process since the cameras can detect any motion inside the building and alert the security personnel. This way, everyone can be accounted for and safely removed from the premises.

Ensures the safety of teachers and students

The installation of security cameras inside school premises creates an environment of increased safety and security for students and faculty. There have been several cases wherein teachers have harassed students for trivial issues that have resulted in undue stress and trauma for the students. This has led to immense mental and emotional distress.

Similarly, false accusations by students can also harm a teacher’s career and mental health. The presence of security cameras can provide some objective truth in such situations. Therefore, the installation of security cameras in schools can serve as an effective tool to ensure the safety of both students and teachers and prevent any form of harassment or false accusation.

Thus, it is evident from this article, that installing security cameras on school premises not only ensures the safety of the students but also helps strengthen the security of the campus. With the increasing number of security threats, surveillance cameras on school campuses have become a necessity, not just a convenience. To ensure the safety of students and staff, investing in reliable surveillance cameras has become an essential part of campus security protocols.                

Atul Mahajan