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Nightclubs, Ensure Things Bouncer Can Legally Do in India

There are various misconceptions when it comes to the authority that nightclub bouncers have. Several people see them as members having authority at a nightclub or bar, but do not actually know what they can and can’t do.

Sometimes a bouncer might cross the line and gets involved in physical altercations, and even then the public does not know what is allowed. Contrary to popular notion, bouncers cannot legally engage in excessive use of force as they see fit.

This blog from Miraz Securitas the leading bouncer services providers for nightclubs, and bars in Delhi, Gurgaon, and NOIDA shares a list of things that bouncers are legally allowed to do in India.

As a nightclub owner who wants to avoid legal issues, it is first best to invest in looking through nightclub insurance programs, which could guard against issues brought up by moments such as this. More critically, having a solid running knowledge of simply what is allowed could make the huge difference between being safeguarded from or involved in any legal issues.

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What bouncers are legally allowed to do?

Bouncers can solely use force in response to if it is first used against them. Importantly, this is the same outline of rights that the public has, like in self-defense. Bouncers will not, by law, take matters into their own hands and commit violence first.

Bouncers can legally carry out these tasks:

  • Check ID cards
  • Call the local authorities
  • Safeguard innocent bystanders
  • Respond through force if it is mandatory
  • Refuse to allow patrons in if they are intoxicated
  • Issue verbal warnings
  • Force patrons to leave

Things a bouncer is not supposed to do

Bouncers are not legally allowed to get involved in any physical altercations unless they are first threatened or hit. A bouncer cannot go off and fight someone simply because they feel threatened or are being yelled at (a good bouncer must have a solid temperament).

And even though it is been portrayed in the movies in this way, bouncers are not allowed to throw someone out of a bar or nightclub. I Bouncers cannot even restrain someone through excessive force; the best they could do what they can within a restricted frame to keep an altercation from spiking or happening in the first place.

Also, bouncers are supposed to make written incident reports, particularly, when they have used force in a situation. In case there is a complaint registered, against the bouncer and/or a nightclub establishment can inquire if the report has been written and then request a copy. Altogether, it’s essential for nightclubs and the bouncers within to know their limits and what patrons are supposed to legally do if they feel threatened.

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