security for trade exhition in India

How To Ensure Security of Trade Show Exhibition in India?

Trade show events happen to be quite crowded and busy places with numerous visitors walking around the aisles from one booth to another. It becomes a stiff challenge for exhibitors to maintain the security of their booth stands and manage their prospects and visitors during the same time.

How should you handle the security of your booth then? What are the various ways to secure the sensitive information associated with your brand, valuable products, and trade show exhibits? How can you make your trade show participation seamless and devoid of any hassles?

India’s top security services company for trade and business shows Miraz Securitas shares some tricks and tips here that can be deployed to make certain that you stay at ease during your trade show event.

Use of cord reels

Retractable rope reels are standard security choices for several owners of electronic gadgets. Integrating them in your security system will solidify the possibilities of zero chances of thefts and burglary.

The rope connects to the gadget with the opposite end of the tie anchored to a counter or tabletop, letting visitors check them out without strolling off with the gadget in their pocket.

You can also deploy several other models of cord reels that not just function as a security tie but a power string as well to ensure total security of high-value items.

Store your valuable goods securely

Exhibitors frequently have surplus valuable goods that need a protected place to be stored until needed for reuse. In an ideal situation, such things could be stacked cautiously under a table and supervised accordingly.

But, it is not always good to keep your valuable items in the open during rush hours without undertaking needed security measures. A possibility could arise where your competitors smartly cross over to your booth and get hold of such valuable goods that prove to be a big loss for your own business.

Portable things that belong to your display are always at risk of being robbed. Encourage your staff to store important things, for instance, gems and advanced gear, in lodging safes. Make certain that you and only your team members have access to these locks and secure places.

Secure your digital information

Security of your booth stand is not only about endeavouring to keep your valuable and tangible goods under protection. The security of your computerized data and that of your clients and leads is equally crucial. Most of your competitors may look for an opportunity to gain access to such sensitive data and use it for their own benefit.

Keep your business’ data safe by utilizing PCs and tablets that are equipped simply with the absolute minimum usage of the software. Introduce the mandatory software needed to guard information on these digital documents and secure the gadgets through passwords.

Under any circumstances, never store any confidential data linked to your brand on PCs and tablets that you will use at the trade show events.

If you do have to carry any confidential data with you, store it in a pen drive, and keep that device with you all along, preferably on a cord or other wearable device that you can keep close to yourself all the time. This applies for the individual data of clients and leads also.

Employ security apps

Security cameras are incredible, but they may seem to be less feasible in a trade show event that attracts huge crowds in a limited space.

If a situation comes where leaving your booth for a few seconds becomes unavoidable or during any other moment of distraction, you can quite well convert your personal smartphone into a security camera and put your booth under personal supervision, that can be observed from any part of the trade show event.

Several useful security applications are present for free, so the main thing is a web connection. You can put a tab on any unwanted activity that happens at your booth in your absence easily and take the needed steps

In-built lockers

Your team may find it easy to store the valuable items in the lockers provided by the event organizers overnight, but it is not always good to leave your valuable belongings that can be accessed with any skeleton key.

No matter how much your organizers try to convince you. After all, it is a matter of your business development and your competitors may use any desirable opportunity that they can get.

To avoid losing your expensive items and products, make sure that you store only those things in your booth overnight that might hold zero value to the thieves.

Also, you can very well store those things that are perhaps too heavy to carry in your in-built booth lockers.

Keep your booth clutter-free

Keeping your stall clutter-free will help you a lot. If you are aware of where you have kept your goods, it takes a lot of effort for miscreants to steal anything. While a clutter-free stall will make it easier for you. Some ways to follow are:

  • Never leave any display unattended. At least have 2 individuals at your stall all the time.
  • Keep the corners neat and clean, as it will make it less demanding to watch out for things that need security.
  • Make a list of every item and verify them at the end of each day.

Transportation Security

Several trade shows distribute a security manual that can be followed at airports, taxis, hotels etc to prevent any theft. You can take care of your goods by keeping them under your ownership. Attach easy identifiers like colorful strips, ID cards. Use cabs and other approved transportation that are stationed at designated exit points. While you reach your destination of accommodation ask the concerned person confidentially about your room. Once in your room check out the surroundings. Get accustomed to crisis courses and emergency exits.

Following these measures will surely ease your lots of worries regarding the event security

Atul Mahajan