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Interesting Facts About Indian Bouncers Working at PUBS and Nightclubs

It’s Friday night and you can hardly wait to put on your dancing shoes and head to the nearest pub. But then a fear grips you—what if those burly, brawny ‘men in black’ popularly called bouncers stop you at the entrance? Well! There is nothing to be afraid of as it is a part of their job. They are supposed to check your IDs before they let you in. Bouncers are not just gatekeepers with rippling muscles. From dealing with troublemakers, and intervening when guests forget their basic etiquette to assisting drunk clientele and protecting innocent bystanders, bouncers are our guardian angels. It is indeed a challenging profession.

Are you curious to know what goes on behind the velvet rope? Miraz Securitas, India’s leading bouncer service provider to leading pubs, restro-bars, and hotels in Delhi, Gurugram, NOIDA takes a sneak peek into the daily work life of a bouncer.

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They are the problem solvers: In case of a brawl which is bound to happen when people are tipsy, bouncers are forced to intervene and resolve the issue to keep other guests safe and secure. Neutralising brawls is a part and parcel of a bouncer’s job.

They are Pseudo-psychologists: Yes! Believe it or not, since a bouncer keeps meeting several people every day, they can easily read a person’s body language, facial expression, level of intoxication, and whether the ID is fake or genuine. A bouncer can easily detect a fake ID by either bending the card and checking for its edges which would be rough in case of a fake ID or by checking the consistency of fonts or bright holograms which are a clear indication of a fake ID.

They at times have to deal with certain seriously disturbed individuals: People who are intoxicated, often give bouncers challenging times. Sometimes, those people create plenty of dramas like locking up in a restroom, and then it is upto the bouncers to maintain the decorum of the bar, so that other guests can continue to enjoy their time of leisure, without any interruptions.

Women bouncers earn more than men bouncers: Women bouncers are in high demand as they are adept in handling both male and female guests with ease. In case of an altercation, the male guests listen to the female bouncers patiently and stop fighting.

Bouncers are offered handsome bribes: Yes! You read it right! They do get the offer for extra cash or are sometimes even offered perfumes and clothes just to get an entry into the club.

Beware of gangsters: Unfortunately bouncers do have to deal with dangerous gangsters who look for trouble. They would happily claim the nightclubs as their territory and get into ugly fights that are difficult to control.

A bouncer’s life is full of surprises and shocks. Whether it is a celebrity wedding or a weekend party at a nightclub, these highly skilled and efficient security experts are the need of the hour.

Atul Mahajan