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How to Hire a Good Bodyguard in India?

India’s leading Private Security Company Miraz Securitas Shares a Few Essential Qualities you Should Look for in a Good Bodyguard

In these unprecedented times, where everything is so uncertain and unpredictable, protecting yourself from imminent danger is important. Today, the word, ‘bodyguard’ is no longer just a status symbol. Gone are the days when bodyguards were only hired by the rich and famous. Today right from an international traveller to an angry ex-spouse; from a corporate head-honcho to someone receiving social media threats, everybody wants to feel safe and secure. Bodyguards are trained professionals who besides providing physical protection, also protect the client’s reputation and privacy.

A few qualities that are essential while hiring such an important person responsible for something as critical as your safety and image have been shared by Miraz Securitas, which is the topmost security agency for providing bodyguard services in India, they are as follows:

Physical fitness: One never knows when the bodyguard will need to sprint into action at a moment’s notice. Thus, physical fitness is an essential trait for a good bodyguard who needs to be agile for swift movements, and strenuous encounters.

Situational awareness: A skilled bodyguard must be able to anticipate a situation and nip the problem in the bud. He should scan the surroundings constantly to avoid any problems and act accordingly.  

Experience counts: For a job that requires a high level of threat and risk assessment, handling of firearms during emergencies, physical intervention, and a well-trained and experienced bodyguard are what a company should look for during the recruitment process. A seasoned/ bodyguard must possess prior military, special forces or law enforcement experience along with formal personal protection training which includes firearms training, drive training and medical training. The employer must verify the qualifications, licenses and certifications properly.

Technologically sound: We live in an era of technological revolution where there is an app for everything, including security personnel. From facial recognition software to cloud software, good security personnel must have sound technological know-how in order to be

Professional driving skills: Besides possessing a simple driving license, an experienced bodyguard must be able to drive defensively and evasively, quickly and safely during emergencies. He should be able to save lives and property efficiently.

Strong communication skills: A good bodyguard must communicate clearly, eloquently and confidently in order to keep his client safe and sound. Knowledge of more than one language is a boon required for diplomatic work involving international travel.

Hiring the right bodyguard is not an easy task. However, this task can be simplified by a good security service agency. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Atul Mahajan