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Why Indian Nightclubs Must Hire Hospitality Trained Bouncers and Security?

You all must have gone through the news that a few days ago some bouncers physically assaulted a visitor in one of Delhi NCRs prominent nightclubs. If you are a nightclub owner, then as a responsible owner it may disturb you. Because, as a nightclub owner you believe that your bouncers are supposed to be there for the bar’s and its visitor’s protection from any unwanted incidents. And those incidents will only hamper your business and your nightclub’s reputation. 

A big question comes up, what if the bouncers themselves end up creating problems for you. These sorts of incidents are quick to dampen the reputation of the nightclub. So, if you run a nightclub business, you should know what sort of bouncers you need to hire.

This blog from Miraz Securitas, the leading top bouncer services provider for Indian nightclubs, hotels and pubs shares the reasons why you should hire hospitality-trained bouncers for your nightclub.

As a business owner you know that a bouncer’s job is to prevent a brawl, not cause it, and laying their hands is a strict NO. If these things happen only your business is going to suffer.

In short, the first impression matters a lot. And a well-behaved bouncer and security staff are the ones who create an impression on the minds of the visitors. And one way to ensure that your bouncers are well trained is the fact that they need to be hospitality trained ones. Here are some things to note.

Encourage customers to return

One important factor for hiring bouncers and security is to ensure the safety of your guests along with your business premises. But that is not the sole role. When your bouncers or security staff fail to provide a positive experience, your customers may not return again. Thus, the overall tone and personality go a long way to ensure your guests feel happy apart from being secured.

One way is to provide your bouncers and security staff with some soft skills that are an integral part of the hospitality business. Good hospitality training will go a long way to strike the perfect balance between being friendly and being stern.

Thus, it is important you need to bring in hospitality-trained bouncers and security for the smooth functioning of your nightclub.

Minimal 1-star ratings

In today’s time of social media, online reviews are crucial for businesses, in particular in cases of restaurants and nightclubs. And several 1-star ratings are majorly due to poor security or rude interactions with bouncers. As a business owner, even if your nightclub has the best of ambience, great food, drink and music if your security staff is not well-mannered everything will go down the drain in terms of the reputation of the business. Whereas, a well-mannered and composed bouncer and security staff will help to enhance your business’ perception.

Cultivate employee development

Apart from encouraging your customers to return and minimize online reviews, giving hospitality training to your bouncers and security staff will have a resounding effect on the professional skills of your security staff.

Yes, your bouncer’s primary role is always to provide security, but instead of having an intimidating presence, a pleasing communication and balanced approach will surely help.

Yes, your bouncer’s job will always be to nullify any scope of any possible unruly behaviour inside the nightclub by the visitors. But, a well-hospitality-trained bouncer will ensure he is able to diffuse any tension without getting into any sort of physical brawl.

Miraz Securitas is the leading bouncer and security services provider to the top nightclubs and restaurants in Delhi NCR. If your business is also looking to hire well-trained bouncers, then you may contact Miraz Securitas today.

Atul Mahajan