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Trends in Executive Protection, Shares Miraz Securitas

Executive protection was, at one stage, majorly the concern of law enforcement, military, and government officials. Private professional services now dominate the sector and organizations hire in-house private security professionals or outsource to private executive protection companies.

Among this transformation are the methods that security teams use to protect their executives. Gone are those days of depending only on close protection as threats are now coming from all directions, including the Internet.

With the various threats that are against your executive’s safety in this modern day and age, security teams require to be aware of these trends and understand ways to efficiently detect and investigate threats across the surface, deep and dark web.

Miraz Securitas is the leading security company for providing executive protection, or Personal Security Officers to top politicians, VIPs, corporate heads, CEOs, COOs, and CFOs in India shares trends in executive protection.

Security teams are moving to a converged security method

Early, executive protection was hugely focused on protecting the physical safety of an executive or VIP. Though this is still a high priority, there has been a change that needs security professionals to safeguard intangible assets, like the brand reputation and data privacy as it relates to their executives.

Online threats towards politicians and VIPs not just jeopardize them personally but also the organization as a whole. Be it an online impersonation of your executive or their confidential data being exposed to public and searchable records, this negative sentiment could lead to reputational damage to both your brand and your executive. It is essential that security teams are able to spot incidents before they escalate to make sure that the brand does not suffer and your executive’s reputation and stake are protected.

The internet could be the biggest weakness or your top line of defense

An industry that was earlier concerned with physical security now also needs a converged security approach. There requires to be a stronger relationship between those gathering intelligence behind the computer and security professionals on the surface.

It is now a combination of securing your executive through a two-way channel, online and on the ground. The convergence of cyber and physical security will let security teams have better communication, and command and broaden their scope of intelligence that will not be otherwise accomplished by operating in silos and solely concentrating on either cyber or physical security.

Globalization has also opened a completely new level of threat

As per the Global Business Travel Association, it has been estimated that organizations will spend trillions in dollars or any other currency on corporate travel worldwide. The growth in globalization has affected how executives conduct business. More and more organizations are expanding into international markets which leads to executives spending more time in other locations or countries.

While your security team might have a strong strategy in place to safeguard your VIP in your domestic country, different locations or countries pose different and unique risks. Security teams should understand ways to use threat intelligence to maintain situational awareness while their VIP executive travels.

The call for current situational awareness

Situational awareness has always been of utmost priority for VIP or executive protection. However, there has been a transformation in the manner this information is gathered and how the security team reacts to this intelligence. Earlier, situational awareness used to be the responsibility of physical security professionals “on the ground” solely. Itineraries or schedules would be laid out in detail beforehand and there used to be little to no real-time alterations.

With the capabilities of advanced technology, security teams or organizations are able to use the Internet to check ongoing threats to make sure that the security teams are aware of any potential risks to their VIP at any given point. Using this holistic method not just enhances the situational awareness of both the cyber and physical security teams but also presents them with the actionable intelligence they required to alter plans and make sure their executive’s safety, and security at every step of the way.

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