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Security Steps to Enhance Indian Business Facility Safety

When Your Business Facility is located in a remote Indian location like a Special Economy Zone – follow these essential security tips to keep your facility safe – shared by Miraz Securitas

Making certain security and safety at your food or beverage manufacturing plant has never been more critical. Facility owners are greatly considering ways to best protect their products, investments, and, most essentially, their employees. Several governments even increased security regulations for these processing plants that are so important to the nation’s food supply.

Of course, no amount of planning will absolutely guarantee the safety or stop an incident, but these design measures are good at discouraging threats and enhancing security.

Miraz Securitas the leading security services provider for food and manufacturing industries in Gurugram, Manesar, Bawal, Jaipur Mahindra World City, and Dharuhera shares some security tips to boost the safety of your facility.


These risen strips of land are security steps for the exterior of your facility, and they act for various purposes. The banks could eliminate a direct line of sight from the road to your plant, which boosts privacy and could thwart an active shooter scenario. The steep rise can also act as a barrier to prevent a vehicle from driving straight onto the property or into the plant.


Installing fencing surrounding your facility can keep out possible intruders, particularly if it is topped by having a barbed wire. Several Government regulations now need food manufacturing facilities to have a food defense plan, which includes fencing and other protections, to mitigate the possible risk of someone willingly adulterating or poisoning the food supply.

A sole entrance

It is crucial to control access to the facility by needing all employees and visitors to enter the premises through a sole main entrance where all who approach will be observed. Architects should be skilled in designing a sole entry while complying with building codes, travel distance egress needs, and emergency exit door needs.

Metal detector

Needing visitors to pass through a metal detector will help prevent concealed weapons or other tools from entering your facility. Some facilities include turnstiles to assist control traffic flow into the entrance of the facility.

Security cameras

Having closed-circuit security cameras enables you to monitor and keep an eye on activity in and around your facility. Even if the cameras are not checked 24/7, recordings will be helpful in the wake of a breach or in the event of an emergency or investigation.

Security guards

An on-site security guard will make sure only authorized personnel enter the premises. They can also assist neutralize a threat and/or contact the right authorities in the event of an emergency. Miraz Securitas at times designed and locate two guard houses on the site: one for visitor and employee entry and the other for tractor trailer entry and exit. (Miraz Securitas incorporate gates and speed bumps in these locations.) Also, some locations have an additional security guard area adjacent to the metal detector to oversee access to the building’s interior.

If your food and beverage plant is looking to avail the services of the best security services in Gurugram, Manesar, Dharuhera, Bawal, or Jaipur Mahindra World City you can contact Miraz Securitas to avail of the best security-based services. Miraz specializes in providing and creating industry-wise security plans and strategies.

Atul Mahajan