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Why Indian Nightclubs, Pubs, and Events Should Hire Trained Bouncers?

India’s leading agency for hiring Bouncers, Miraz Securitas, shares the benefits of recruiting bouncers for NightClubs, Pubs, and High Profile Events

A bouncer or a doorman is a kind of security guard, employed at venues like bars, nightclubs, casinos, hotels, restaurants, sporting events, or concerts.

A bouncer’s work responsibilities include maintaining security and enforcing the legal age for drinking, refusing entry to intoxicated and unauthorized persons, and dealing with aggressive behavior or non-compliance through statutory or established rules.

Bouncers are mostly used to protect bars and clubs from possible arguments or fights or to protect nightclubs, and bars from criminal gang activity or violence. At clubs or events that have bouncers, they are also in charge of “face control”, deciding who is to enter.

In several countries, federal and state governments have taken steps to professionalize the industry by needing bouncers to pass training, licensing, and criminal records background checks before working.

Miraz Securitas which is India’s top bouncer services provider for leading clubs, hotels, and high-profile events in India.

Hire a bouncer to safeguard your club

Bouncers supervise a club or venue to “detect, report and rectify any condition inside or outside the club” which may lead to injuries to patrons, staff or damage to the club or the equipment. With the accountability of communicating information in the club, bouncers are in an important role within the club (for instance, related to injuries, size of the crowd outside, the capacity of the venue, and incidents).

Bouncers control crowds by making them aware of club policies and procedures (by asking people not to block entrances, exits, staircases, and other high-traffic zones). Bouncers give first aid if someone is injured at the nightclub.

In a big nightclub, the bouncers are a part of a security team that includes friskers, surveillance staff, a bouncer, and floor men. All of those security staff report to a head of security, who in turn, reports to the venue manager.

Typical bouncer

Even though a common stereotype of bouncers is that of the big brute, a good bouncer needs more than mere physical qualities like strength and size; they require to be able to talk to people (and make them aware of the venue rules). Certain people argue that the “tough guy” mentality and appearance of some bouncers, in which they keep their sleeves rolled up to display their biceps, has a great potential to make more fights than a bouncer who greets visitors with a “hello”.

A good personality will reduce the amount of physical intervention required, while an assertive one will avert the bouncer from being comfortably provoked by guests. Bouncers require to be constantly supervising crowds and individuals to identify the early warning symptoms of a potential confrontation with a patron, and see the signs of a heated interaction that may turn into a fight.

Professional bouncers

Good written communication skills are typically needed by bouncers because they should document encounters in an incident register or use an incident reporting form. Employee incident records will keep the employer/employee totally out of any potential criminal charges or lawsuits.

Bouncers require to be polite at the venue. In large clubs, bouncers require to work with a team of bouncers, and thus they need the use of radios to remain in contact and communicate (specifically, between the inside and outside of a venue). Bouncers need to be watchful of each other as a matter of safety and should ensure that when one bouncer relocates, a gap is not left vacant in the venue security. Contact us to learn more about the best quality of bouncer and doorman services Miraz Securitas for your hotels, clubs, and events today.

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