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Growing Responsibilities of Private Security in India

Every business requires to deal with various issues when it comes to organizational security, including asset protection, employee safety, and data security. Each industry faces almost similar issues for security. Most common threats include burglaries, assault, vandalism, system hacking, fires, and a few more. It is important to address the security concerns and employ an impactful workplace security system to safeguard against harmful actions.

Security guard protection has become vital for every industry because of the increasing number of crimes. It secures businesses, workers, secret documents, and other assets. The security guards are well-trained and have the expertise to deal with emergencies.

Whether you own a small or large business, you can always benefit from security protection to keep your valuables and workforce intact and safe. All businesses such as retail stores, supermarkets, and banks require guard protection to form a sense of safety for both employees and customers. Even online companies need to hire online security alternatives to save their business from hackers.

Reasons for needing security guard protection for business

Security guard protection can assist you to get a sense of enhanced security, reduce crime rates, and prevent the possibility of attacks. High security could help improve employee retention, and customer service and increase faster response time. Also, it can assist handle security issues effectively, make a safe business environment, and promote a sense of order.

Businesses that always need security guard protection

Delhi NCR’s leading security company Miraz Securitas shares 4 businesses that always need security guard protection.

Retail and wholesale

Retail and wholesale businesses are primarily done in less populated areas, so these places are more prone to the risk of crimes. Business owners must take full comprehensive security measures to detect threats in real-time.

Uniformed security is paramount to minimize the chances of any loss for retailers and wholesalers. As per studies, retail stores lose millions of money every year because of common security issues. Theft and shoplifting are chart-toppers that the retail and wholesale businesses face. With security guard protection, retailers have fewer probabilities for loss of revenue.

Large retail stores require more sophisticated prevention strategies such as installing cameras and having surveillance rooms. So it could be possible to monitor things in real-time and investigate any incident promptly. Even more, stores may have security guards in plain dressing to monitor suspicious activities.

Banking and finance

This sector is always under the radar of criminals, whether it is about the incidents regarding bank robbery, ATM sabotage, or looting cash vans. Every banking and finance company needs to have experienced security staff at its disposal all the time. Banks and financial organizations also face threats from cyber-attacks too. Thus, it is essential to invest in top-grade cyber security services. For branches, ATMs and cash vans both armed and unarmed personnel must be posted to prevent any mishappening.


Health care centers such as hospitals, psychiatric wards, and other medical premises, require trained security guards to supervise visitors and make certain complete safety for staff and patients. Also, it is essential to provide guard protection at the entrance and exit points of each medical department to monitor people entering and leaving. It will help to direct visitors and know their detail as well.

It will boost the sense of security among patients, workers, suppliers, and other people accessing the medical premises. More essentially, security guards or bouncers need to be rational and sympathetic while dealing with people, particularly in emotional situations.

Another point for security guard protection is it is important to pay attention to maintaining order in crowded areas. These places could create disturbance in health care centers both inside and outside the premises. Guard protection will help to minimize accidents, delays, and other associated problems that medical staff is possibly to face. They can also identify any mishap occurrence instantly and take action against it.


Manufacturing sectors are at broader risk of becoming targets of theft, inventory, vandalism, tampering, equipment loss, and violent disputes. More risky circumstances can include emergencies and other hazardous events. Security guard protection is key to dealing with all these uncertain scenarios. Hiring trained security guards will help you handle all those situations with great aplomb. It will also let employees stay focused on the tasks and not worry about security concerns.

Moreover, making security protection options could help maintain the traffic on the correct paths to minimize the risk of potential risks. Security guards can restrict the entry of unauthorized and unknown people, let authorized visitors, and keep a track of vehicles entering and exiting the premises. Apart from that, they verify drivers and other concerned persons. Well-trained security guards are able to collaborate with local staff and other security authorities to help in emergencies such as fires, explosions, accidents, disasters, and other events.

Having less security guard protection in manufacturing industries could minimize returns on investments, lead to negative business feedback, and a general loss of revenue from multiple thefts, incidents, impersonation, staff-associated injuries, etc. A trustworthy company like Miraz Securitas provides security services for manufacturing facilities across Northern India.

Miraz Securitas is the leading security services provider to banking and finance, retail and wholesale, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors across several cities in Northern India. You can call us and avail of the security services in case your business is looking for a world-class security guard and monitoring services.

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