Security Tips for Indian Residential building and complex

Safety Tips for Multi-storey Indian Residential Buildings

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Making a dream home is not an easy task, in top-notch Indian cities, like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gurugram or NOIDA that too in today’s rising economy when property rates are significantly on the higher side. And for those who already have their dream homes in those cities then maintaining and securing them are top concerns.

This concern grows significantly during the peak summer times in India because it is during this time when the electric meters witness a severe consumption load amidst the usage of ACs in several homes. As a result, at times the severe load often damages the wires and cables, and incidents of accidental fire become a reality.

While during the rainy season due to any sort of wetness the cables at times catches fire too due to short circuit. All these could often prove too costly be it in terms of property damage or in the worst case a life casualty. This blog by Miraz Securitas talks exclusively about safety tips for multi-story residential buildings in Indian Summers.

Security guard

Every residential society has security guards who maintain all the notes of whosoever accesses the premises during day or night. But it is important to have thorough professional trained guards, who are not just capable to secure your premises through their vigilance alone but also act sensibly in case there is an emergency situation arises be it in case of fire, lift maintenance or any other emergency. Miraz Securitas provides a well-trained pool of security guards capable of carrying out multiple tasks at any given time. In today’s world having multi-tasking, security guards are the key to maintaining your residential apartments and societies.

Fire safety

During peak summers incidents of fire are quite common. Thus, it is important to have proper fire safety measures in place. Also, trained security personnel who can look after the designated areas where your society’s meter boxes, power back-ups, underground cables, and lift mechanisms lie is a must. This trained personnel will be able to act swiftly in case of any fire-related emergency arises. It is advised to avail yourself of your building maintenance services and security-related services from a company that provides all these services under a single roof.

Miraz Securitas is proud to say that it not just provides world-class security guard services, but is also provides excellent building maintenance and housekeeping services too in all the major cities across India specifically, in Delhi and NCR region for both residential and commercial buildings and complexes. Thus, it would be recommended to avail services from an agency that could provide both the services at the same time.

Lift safety

Though today’s modern lifts are capable of working even when there are power cuts. But sometimes issues still arise amidst the frequent power cuts during the summer. And this is why proper lift safety and maintenance are important. Sometimes lifts do get stuck despite having proper maintenance. And in those situations, having a good lift maintenance team is a must. Miraz Securitas and its allied companies are specialized in carrying out lift servicing and maintenance without any flinch.

Kids’ and senior citizen’s safety

Kids and senior citizens are most vulnerable or prone to suffer from any accidents. This is why proper supervision is needed. Miraz Securitas provides top-class surveillance and monitoring services that can keep a watchful eye on everyone. Also, several societies have swimming pools and it is quite common to use them during the summer times specifically.

Often kids have a probability to get inside the pool without an adult’s supervision. This is where the surveillance services from Miraz Securitas can often come in handy. Also, the security guards from Miraz are properly trained with respect to keeping all the first aid materials in each building in top shape.

Miraz Securitas – Offers the Best Security Guard Services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Northern India

Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd is India’s leading and most trusted security guard services agency. Miraz Securitas provides reliable security surveillance and patrolling services besides rendering facility maintenance services across several residential and commercial complexes in Delhi and NCR region along with cities in Northern India.

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