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Do You Need to Hire a Bodyguard if You Are Travelling to India?

Unfortunately, in recent past both Indian and international media has mentioned India for its crimes, like gruesome rape cases or incidences of honour killings. And, sadly some part of the world holds a myth that India is not a safe country to visit Taj Mahal in Agra, Khajuraho in MP, back water in Kerala or beaches in Goa

A question, hence been raised by many international travellers, is if you are travelling to India, do you need to hire a bodyguard?

Talking on this matter, Mr Atul Mahajan, Director of India’s leading private security company, Miraz Securitas, shares that crimes do happen in India and sadly, some of them are gruesome and get lot of media attention but that does not make this country a dangerous destination.

In fact, opposite to myths, India is a peaceful country. Yes, the country is densely populated as compare to any western land with poor police to people ratio, still India lives peacefully. I personally believe that Indians are one of the most people peaceful and emotional people in the world. And, like any other top metropolitan cities like Tokyo, New York, London, and Moscow, Indian metropolitan cities too faces crime challenges.

Mr. Atul Mahajan, whose company (Miraz Securitas) provide bodyguards to some of India’s leading celebrates, politicians, businessmen, and to foreign delegates and travellers, tells that the answer is both “yes” and “no” for the question, if you need to hire a bodyguard if you are travelling to India.

Mr. Mahajan says if you don’t need a security while staying at your home or working in your office, then you may not need to hire a bodyguard while visiting India. And, you can travel safely if you follow safety norms of international travelling.

However, if you need security at your own country because your net worth is high, you work at key government or corporate position, you are followed by media, then you will need personal security in India too.

Miraz Securitas has the largest fleet of Personal Security Officers, Bodyguards, Bouncers who are ex-commandos from the National Security Guard (NSG) the elite counter-terrorism unit under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, also commonly nicknamed “BLACK CAT”. Our personal security officers (PSO) are experts in all forms of both armed and unarmed combats.

Atul Mahajan