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Hotel Safety: Security Measures for Indian Hotels to Check for

In the modern day’s technologically advanced world, guest and staff security are more crucial than ever before. Fortunately, you can take a lot of steps to make improvements. From security personnel, and smart surveillance technology. The blog shares the views of Mr Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd India’s top security consultant and services providers for the hotel industry below that will improve your hotel’s security setup.

Hire Professional and Trained Security Guards.

In several cases, hotel management opts to hire private security guard companies to help in keeping their guests, employees, and property safe and secure. Trained security guards will have a complete understanding of your security needs and threats. They know how to spot a crime prior to it happening and handle suspicious things with authority. Also, a good security guard can efficiently perform the following roles:

·       Mobile patrol of parking lots and interior and exterior surrounding of the hotel property

·       Visual deterrence to potential criminals

·       Monitoring CCTVs and security equipment

·       Verifying guest credentials upon entering the premises

·       Liaise with law enforcement authority post a security threat has occurred

·       Handle unruly visitors or noise violations

·       Escort guests that require help getting to their rooms or vehicles

·       Assisting employees while handling angry or unruly guests

·       Escorting employees to their vehicles during the night and odd hours

Surveillance Cameras

Many commercial properties and hotels specifically, have some kind of video surveillance system. Security staff is able to monitor sensitive areas, like the entrance, exits, front desk, cash drawer, and other common areas. However, improved technology lets hotel owners match up specific transactions through the surveillance footage, removing the need to search through hours of film to find fraudulent activity.

This kind of system, powered by analytics, can spot when a cash register is open or when someone swipes their credit card. Do think to invest in high-quality cameras that can spot up the minor details, like the facial features and bill amounts. By adding this sort of security system, your hotel can save a lot.

Staff Training

A safe and secure surrounding all begins with having a knowledgeable staff. Set up frequent meetings with all employees to discuss guest safety. Go over all the mandatory guidelines and how the team can stay safe in the situation of fire or other emergency-based and evacuation. You must also provide periodic training on compliance regulations and bloodborne pathogens.

Consider the most impactful ways to train staff. Take help out of instruction videos or bring in professional security personnel to provide training. Hand out texts that outline vital statistics and data. Provide easy ways for employees to ask queries and raise complaints, including anonymously.

Guest Safety

Guests ought to feel safe, secure, and welcome at your hotel. Consider how you can enhance hotel rooms to boost security. A direct update is an in-room safe. It is easy to come up with relevant items to stash inside, particularly when travelling. Guests can stow important documents, passports, collectables, souvenir gifts, and many more

Beyond a safe, think of upgrading all room locks, including on the doors and windows. Several guests prefer an in-room lock that will not open from the outside. This security step lets guests feel safe inside, specifically, when they tuck themselves into bed while sleeping in particular.

Monitor Parking Lots

Parking areas are always the potential hotbeds of crime in businesses such as shopping malls and hotels. Theft and vandalism are usual, specifically, during off-hours, when criminals are less likely to be sighted. In uncontrolled parking lots, it is typical for non-guests to park their vehicles or even sleep overnight. Hotel operators need to avoid several security threats by controlling access to parking lots and other isolated lots and installing security cameras.