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Important Event Security Tips That Can Save Your Event from Disaster

Event security these days is one of the highest matters of concern. In fact, event security is now just as important a part of the attendee experience as lighting or menus. While the risk of getting it wrong is potentially greater than choosing the wrong caterer or wrong lighting equipment. Thus, managing event security is very critical. In this article, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd which is India’s Top Security Guard Services Provider for Events shares important event security tips that can save you from disaster. Here they are.

Enlist Expert Advice:

To ensure event security from the disaster it’s good to have experts who know how to cope with large numbers of people and manage any situation or disaster with a professional response that does not create a scene. Ask for information and make sure they are properly insured. Many people state they have an event security company but don’t have insurance or experience.

Assess Your Event:

Another thing that can save the event from disaster is prior to requesting the number of event security personnel, you think you need, let the security expert assess your event based on capacity, attendees, venue, location and type of your event to identify whether it is a low or high profile event.

The organizer may present the event like a product launch, but it could be a sensitive product that may not be liked by certain groups or individuals. The same goes for events and fundraisers which include influential and wealthy people in attendance. It could be possible that some people may have grudge against any influential person and could try to come in and protest or harm that individual.

Prepare An Emergency Response Plan:

Planning for a disaster can diminish risk, and so it’s important to discuss and create an event emergency response plan ahead of schedule. And, if your event is big enough, you can hire an event security service to assist you to draw one up.

Making out such a plan requires close work with your venue and speaking with them about their process for mass evacuations, active shooter situations, and moving people into safer areas or rooms. You should also need to act closely with your venue to map out evacuation routes and make sure that all routes are marked safe on the event day. By doing so you can ensure the event to be saved from any disaster.

Make Your Event Such That They Are Not Visible To The Public:

It has been seen that some events like office celebrations or AGMs do not require to be made public, but often organizations advertise these events on their websites, newspapers through which the general public can learn about them. Except the event is open to the public it’s better to keep it private. In case you are not able to hide your event then you can go for password protecting registration or invitation. So people with the only password can register. Or you can issue valid ID cards, this will make them show the ID before entering.

Skip The Surprise Searches:

Invitations must disclose that all individuals and property are subject to search. That way there will be no surprises at the door. Some events could be no mobile phone zones. Thus, it’s better to take their cell phones away so that photography or recording cannot be done, or post it to a social media site. If someone has a mobile phone with them then check them with a coat-check ticket and return to them on their way out.

Atul Mahajan