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Some Bizarre Rules to Follow if You Are a VIP’s or Celebrity’s Bodyguard

Several people may argue that being a bodyguard to a celebrity or perhaps a top personality is a dream career, but there are several rules that a bodyguard have to follow, to do the job well.

Mr. Mahajan, says, however, it is not the scenario. In reality, there are some things that the bodyguards are strictly prohibited to do while looking after the security of those top personalities.

In this blog, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd which is India’s top bodyguard services provider for VIPs and celebrities talks about some of the bizarre rules to follow if you are a bodyguard to those eminent personalities.

Draw Weapons with Caution

Although, movies can depict the profession, being a bodyguard isn’t merely about drawing guns and get into a conflict.

Drawing the weapon needs to deal with caution. They should know that it could have a serious impact on the image of their client whom they are securing. This is specifically for those bodyguards who carry a weapon and they are called armed bodyguards. Thus, they have to be extra cautious while using or displaying weapons.

Look Out for Details

A celebrity or VIP bodyguard must be concerned with the small things. This could mean having a constant eye out for anything doubtful and going to all distances to understand the client’s everyday routine.

It will also, mean being aware of one’s surroundings and the client’s immediate circumstances – at every time – having a ‘hawk-eye,’ so to speak. For instance, turning the air conditioning on for the client in his/her car a few minutes prior they enter the car (on a summer day).

Look to Stay Away from the Limelight

A bodyguard must never post pictures of himself on social media while looking after his client. This is a career-damaging and one which is strictly disapproved of.

In fact, it is said that when selecting bodyguards, one needs to weed out anyone who was looking to jump on to get the limelight because of the celebrity’s fame. This is ruled out as potential protectors of the famed personalities.

Maintain a Low Profile

Who does not want to be seen standing alongside society’s famed personalities as a pseudo-appendage, charged with a starlet’s protection and safeguarding their life and livelihood? However, bodyguards need to keep a low profile. This may mean sitting at a table a bit away from the celebrity, fitted with an earpiece and mic, having a plate of food in front of you (to seem extra convincing).

Stay Away from Being a Buddyguard

It usually, happens when a bodyguard lets down their guard, so to speak, and crossing the line with their client, to become their friends. It is called being a buddyguard and it’s a strict no as far as professional experts are concerned. Bodyguards are advised to maintain a professional distance with their clients, or risk being asked to do things beyond their area of responsibility.

Be Flexible

When you are a bodyguard, you have to bow to the schedule of your client and to the client’s preferences. This may possibly be at your expense in terms of time and effort or sacrificing your personal preferences.

You might have to, for instance, eat at places that you do not necessarily like, or at inappropriate times, to fit in with the celebrity’s schedule. When one becomes a celebrity bodyguard, their schedule is no longer their own.

Practice Self-Confidence

A bodyguard must act the part in all the things he does and has a holistic way towards his profession. It is vital a bodyguard always carry themselves with confidence, as this will assist to instill confidence in the client.

Further, a bodyguard who walks the walk will be a huge deterrent to any potential attacker. It’s everything in the image, the muscles, and the confident stride.

Mind First, Mouth Next

A celebrity or VIP bodyguard must be sharp, in terms of remaining aware and using street-smart mannerisms to best deal with any situation which arises. While good communication is an integral career quality, it must go like this: use your mind first and your mouth second.

A specific intelligence is mandatory when being a bodyguard, as is a nice dose of humility. One’s best weapon is one’s mind, followed by the mouth.

Do Not Jabber Everything

While good communication skills are important, a bodyguard must be one who can keep confidences, specifically the confidence of his or her client. His work will mean he will see things that the public doesn’t know about, like a hidden drinking habit.

He must cover the celebrity by refusing to be a jabber mouth about those things. Protection doesn’t mean simply protecting the celebrity physically, but protecting their image and reputation, through you hiding them with your silence and discretion.

Atul Mahajan