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Essential Components to Secure School’s Front Entrance

Vital Schools Safety Tips for School Authorities

The entrance of a school building plays a vital role in its image building among kids, parents, media and government bodies as well as it tells criminals to stay away from the building complex. In other words, the way the entrance gate is built silently communicates the sense of academic infrastructure’s size & planning and develops the sense of safety & discipline.

Developing and maintaining a good school entrance is not just a matter of architectural design and planning, rather it’s continuous managerial process that needs daily attention by the school authorities. Mr. Atul Mahajan, director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd Delhi’s leading security guard service provider for schools, shares some of the essential components to secure and manage the School entrance gate efficiently.

1. Connected with Perimeter fencing

The main school gate’s edges should be connected with perimeter fencing to deter trespassers. Also, the fencing walls near the gate should be clean on either side. No tree, bushes, constructions or guard sitting room should obstruct view if any intruder tries to climb the walls and get on the other side of the building.

2. High Visibility

The area between the gate and school building entrance should be highly visible and give a sense of being watched to anyone who walks in that space. Hence there should be no tree, construction or plants in that area. The place should not allow any vehicles to be parked. Remember fencing cannot completely prevent intruders, especially the criminals who are trained to bypass the fences or enter through the gate by stealing identities. A highly visible and clean entrance area will hence make any person clearly visible to security cameras, guards and other school staff from a distance. This approach is used by military personnel to secure an area. When an intruder breaches the premises they can easily grab the visibility and attention of security personnel.

3. Single Point Entry

Effective access control requires that entry to and from a facility be regulated. A single point of entry allows for such monitoring.

4. Guarding the Dispersal

Overall Security of the premises is at a higher risk at the time of greater commotion such as at the time of dispersal when vehicles including buses are leaving. Due to greater movement, the attention is only likely to get diverted, making the school kids vulnerable. A proper process and defined responsibilities makesit most effective. Miraz has been securing over 100 schools in Delhi/NCR and our mapping process for each exit /entry point ensures no slippage.

5. Strong visitor management program

Regulating access to a school requires sound visitor management procedures. At a minimum, visitors should not be able to enter the school without registering at the main office. This should require proof of identification; the issuance of a visitor badge and visitors should be escorted.

6. Use of a vestibule / double entry system

An intercom/video call box should be located between the main school entrance gate and at the office or at the reception. After the guards check and deposit the visitor’s identity proof, he should then let the guest / school’s non-permanent staff, explain the reason of visit to the receptionist and take permission for entry.

Atul Mahajan