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How To Enhance Security System Of Indian Schools?

Today getting nursery kid admitted in a good private school has taken away good night’s sleep of all metropolitan Indian parents. Everyone wants their kids to study in the best school with a reputation to offer the best of education, infrastructure, and co-curricular activities. Indian private schools too are not leaving a single stone unturned to make their institutions at par with global standards – digitalised classrooms, international sports, premium school buses, collaboration & exchange programs with international schools, universities or educational bodies like British Council etc.

However, one thing that many schools across India have yet to install is world-class best_school_security_guards_delhisecurity arrangements. Many crimes relating to children are occurring and criminals find children at schools to be the most vulnerable and easy to grab using several different criminal ploys. However, in recent times schools have realized the importance of having a proper security arrangement and this is being put into place, albeit a little slowly. Some of the aspects that schools have to consider are as follows:

This blog from Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd India’s top security guard service provider for schools shares how to enhance security for Indian schools.

Security in Schools Buses

Students are often kidnapped when they are waiting to embark their school buses. While installing a GPS tracking device on school buses is a good way to monitor the movement of the buses and keeping track, this can be an expensive way. Responsible bus mothers and guards on board are a more cost effective resource to begin with.

Another aspect of transport security is – schools should discourage parents from using private vans or vehicles to pick up and drop their kids in school. Private vehicles and drivers are often causing the major mishaps.

How should Indian Schools select Good Security guards?

Most private schools have security personnel stationed at the gate and they are usually hired from a security agency. That’s not sufficient, prior hiring security personnel; the school must look for the good and reputed security agency with adequate experience in understanding the needs of the schools. A good security agency with experience in securing schools would see a lot of value in security audits. Security audits let the schools know:-

  1. The exact numbers of security guards are needed and where they are needed in the school premises- (neither excess nor less for optimized security budget).
  2. What kind of training and grooming, guards must hold, depending on the location of the schools, the number of kids that has to be managed etc.

Continuous involvement in the deployment process goes a long way in being sure about your needs. A good security agency is also likely to provide night checking in order to ensure the safety beyond working hours and surprise audits are some of the methods a good security agency would rely on. Such intelligence is usually gained through the years of experience in the business with management from ex-servicemen at high ranks.

How to enhance the Internal Security of the school?

Unfortunately, in recent times, many cases of child molestation have come to light in school premises. To remove the risk of such mishaps, schools must take the following security steps:-

  1. Schools must ensure that they run a background check on all non-teaching staff.
  2. For all temporary staff like – sweepers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc, schools must take extra precautions when these outsiders come inside school premises. One of the efficient options is to select a good facility management agency where these temporary staffs are permanently hired under payroll and are recruited after proper police verifications and document cross-check.
  3. Integrated facility management plus security contract sometimes goes a long way in ensuring complete accountability and ensuring smooth coordination across the board.
  4. Schools should install security cameras in all important places (that security audit identifies) and use a guard to keep complete vigilance through these cameras during school hours.
Atul Mahajan