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Security Patrolling By Security Experts is the New Answers to Stop Area Crime in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida

Theft is amongst the most common crime committed in Delhi. Out of the 2, 49,000 criminal cases filed by the state police in the year 2018, about 80% were related to theft as per the data given in the latest Crime in India report released from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). Also, Delhi has an asymmetric share of such cases 1/3rd of all reported thefts in India occurred only in Delhi, a city-state that is home to less than 2% of India’s population (as per the 2011 Census).

Annual crime statistics of a minimum last 10 years suggests that the total number of criminal cases filed in Delhi and their share in total cases filed across India have been continuously rising from nearly 50,000 cases (2.4% of cases in India) in 2009 to 2, 49,000 cases (7.9% of cases in India) in 2018. Thefts are a top source of this upward trend.

The problem is the share of theft cases among crimes in Delhi has been increased from 43% in 2009 to almost 80% in 2018.

This blog by Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of India’s top security guard agency Miraz Securitas is talking about how having a good night patrolling services can ensure a crime-free locality.

Before we tell you about the benefits of having a night patrolling services, you also need to know why keeping posted security guard is not sufficient in a locality where crime takes place every now and then.

A static security guard cannot keep an eye around the entire locality, nor he can be on the round so quickly that he can cover the whole locality. It hardly matters if you have one security guard or multiple but guarding an area at night time is tricky. Things like a faster response, visual surveillance, tracking, and activeness are often missing from a manned guard.

This is where Night Patrolling Services from Miraz Securitas can be a real boon for the safety and security of your locality, particularly at nighttime. If you are thinking about hiring a night patrolling services then Miraz Securitas is the place to come.

Now let us see some of the benefits that Miraz Securitas’ Night Patrolling Service has to offer to you.

Security Personnel Will be Less Fatigue

Even though the static guarding does not necessarily mean the guard remains in one place, staying awake at night when everyone else is tucked up in bed can be really hard. Staying in one location can exacerbate that fatigue rapidly. Conversely, constant patrolling from one place to another means the situation never allows time for the guard of the patrolling van to fall asleep. In addition, and in most cases, they will be stationed in a vehicle, so alertness is key at all times.

Visual Presence

The concept behind security is that it forms a visual presence that must in theory deter any opportunist criminals from committing any crime. Moving patrols with their big well-marked and branded vehicles do exactly that.

Easily Trackable

Do you mostly wonder where your security guards are? It is very easy for a static guard to nip off for a 5 to 10 minutes of unauthorized tea or smoke break. Mobile patrols from Miraz Securitas on the other hand will normally have some form of GPS, so that you can see exactly where they are placed at any given time.

Quick Response

Naturally moving patrols are going to be able to respond to circumstances quicker than static guards because they have got four wheels. In addition, having multiple vehicles patrolling one area it’s more likely that someone might have seen something suspicious taking place.

Less Expensive

Since static security provides what’s known in the industry as a ‘dedicated’ service, for instance, you pay for the service for the entire time the guard is working, it is not always the economical option. Typically, moving patrols still serves you with an all-night service presence, but because they mostly divide their time between several clients on a single shift, that cost is comparatively cheaper.

Easier to Co-ordinate

Roving patrols from Miraz Securitas can easily be coordinated to come to a rendezvous point or location when needed. One instant message on the radio is mostly sufficient for all parties to be alerted that they need to come back to report, or to meet in a certain area. Whereas if you have static guards and/or foot patrols, it is naturally a more time-consuming method to bring everyone together.

Restricts Unauthorized Activities

In the earlier days, shift supervisors would have to go and check to ensure static guards were carrying out their duties or not. Naturally, this is both time-consuming and expensive. With moving patrols that do not need to happen because most vehicles are fitted with cameras. As well as being made to protect the vehicle occupants, the camera can also be utilized to monitor the whereabouts of the guard at any given time. So, no more need to guess what the patrol team members are doing because it is easy to log on to a connected laptop or mobile and see for yourself.

Miraz Securitas is already providing night patrolling services in some of the leading localities of Delhi.

If you would like to find out more about getting a night patrolling mobile security presence, then visit Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd. Miraz has been providing static and mobile security guards for residential colonies, events, businesses, and individuals for more than two decades. Give us a call on 7701801159 or write to us at to get more details.