Security Mistakes to Avoid During Major Events in India

In a world rife with uncertainties, ensuring the safety of individuals at major events has become paramount. From the tangible threats of physical harm to the insidious menace of cyber-attacks, the need for comprehensive security measures has never been more critical. Whether it is a concert, a sports event, or a large-scale conference, the spectre of potential risks looms large.

Miraz Securitas the leading security services company for events in India warns us of a few security mistakes that must be averted in major events.

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  1. Lack of security goal – The absence of a security goal in major events leaves them vulnerable to potential threats and attacks. Without a dedicated focus on security measures, there is an increased risk of unauthorized access, disruptions, and harm to attendees. Security personnel must be briefed on crowd control, emergency procedures, and potential threats. A lack of security goals undermines the overall safety and integrity of the event, jeopardizing the well-being of participants and the event’s success.


  1. Poorly Trained Security Personnel – No security plan can be effective without a well-trained team. From ushers to cybersecurity experts, everyone involved must be thoroughly trained to handle various scenarios. Inadequate training can result in delayed responses, miscommunications, and, ultimately, the inability to contain a security breach. Regular drills and updates are crucial to keeping the security team sharp and prepared. For instance, during a high-profile concert, well-trained personnel can swiftly respond to crowd control challenges, identify suspicious behaviour, and mitigate potential threats.


  1. Lack of adequate staff – Insufficient security staff poses a significant security vulnerability ahead of major events, risking potential problems. For instance, a major sports event with inadequate personnel may struggle to manage crowd control, leaving attendees vulnerable to threats. A robust security presence is crucial to deter and respond effectively to potential security issues, ensuring the safety of participants and spectators.


  1. Communication Gap – Failing to inform or brief the security team ahead of major events poses a significant security flaw. Without proper communication, crucial details may be overlooked, jeopardizing the safety of attendees. For instance, neglecting to inform security about a high-profile guest’s arrival could lead to unpreparedness and potential security breaches, underscoring the importance of proactive communication for effective event security.


  1. Ignoring Important Rooms – Neglecting security for critical areas on the day of the event poses serious risks. For instance, a failure to secure a control room during a high-profile conference could lead to unauthorized access and potential theft of sensitive information. Prioritizing security measures for key spaces, such as conference rooms, data servers, and offices with employee information, is crucial. Intruders often target these areas before reaching the main event hall, making it essential to prevent data breaches and protect valuable assets.


  1. Did you forget about Cybersecurity? – In our digital age, cybersecurity is not an afterthought; it’s a fundamental necessity. Major events are prime targets for cyber threats, ranging from data breaches to ransomware attacks. Ignoring the cybersecurity aspect can compromise sensitive information, tarnishing not only the event’s reputation but also risking the safety of attendees. Encryption, secure networks, and vigilant monitoring are non-negotiable in the digital domain.


  1. Not considering the Power of Technology – In a world driven by technology, leveraging its potential is not an option but a necessity. Advanced surveillance systems, facial recognition technology, and real-time monitoring can significantly enhance event security. Relying solely on traditional methods is a security mistake that major events can ill afford in the 21st century.
  1. Inexperienced Security Company – Hiring inexperienced security contractors due to budget constraints can backfire, compromising event safety. A proficient security company with expertise ensures effective threat management. Frustration arises when an underqualified firm fails to meet security needs. To prevent such issues, thorough research before hiring is crucial. For instance, a music festival employing a seasoned security company ensures a secure environment, while a subpar choice may lead to disorder and safety risks.


In case of major events, the stakes are high, and the margin for error is slim. Security is not a luxury; it’s a non-negotiable aspect that demands meticulous planning and execution. Thus, one must not overlook any of these mistakes for the success of the event.

Atul Mahajan