How to Optimize Security for Your Apartments?

Shares Miraz Securitas Delhi NCR’s Top Security Services Company for Residential Apartments

In the hustle and bustle of today’s intricate and interconnected world marked by a myriad of uncertainties and challenges, ensuring safety is very important. Whether we’re out or at home, being safe is important. In rapidly developing nations like India, where urbanization pressures and infrastructure challenges abound, the need for robust safety measures in residential spaces, especially apartments, is more significant than ever.


How to optimize security for the apartments?

Miraz Securitas, the leading security service provider for residential apartments in Delhi, Gurgaon, NOIDA, and Faridabad in India shares tips and tricks on how to enhance the security of your apartment.

  1. Research your neighbourhood – Before moving into a new apartment, research your neighbourhood to optimize security. Investigate crime rates, local safety initiatives, and police presence. Online platforms like neighbourhood-specific forums and crime-mapping websites provide valuable insights. Talk to current residents, visit the area at different times, and assess the lighting and visibility. A well-informed decision based on thorough research enhances your overall safety and peace of mind in your new living space.
  1. Look for a secure apartment – Always remember that ground-floor corner units are more vulnerable due to dual exposure. Choose flats with neighbours on either side for enhanced safety. While budget matters, consider the building’s condition. Assess cleanliness, lighting, and maintenance, from well-lit halls to functional locks. Examine the front entrance, landscaping, and parking lot lighting.  A well-maintained, gated community enhances safety. Address concerns with the landlord or builder before finalizing the agreement to ensure a secure living space.
  1. Entrance Security – Ensuring the security of entrances in an apartment complex is of utmost importance. Miraz Securitas suggests the adoption of access control systems, such as key cards or biometric scanners, to effectively manage entry points. In addition, it is recommended to deploy proficient security personnel at these entry points for identity verification and monitoring of visitor activity. These strategies not only discourage unauthorized access but also establish a noticeable deterrent, enhancing overall safety within the environment.
  1. Door locks – To enhance the security of your apartment, consider upgrading the door locks so that you don’t have to worry about past tenants or their friends and acquaintances, etc having duplicate keys. Deadbolts, particularly with a one-inch throw bolt and reinforced strike plate, are top choices. Installation costs vary by location and lock type (smart or regular). When discussing with the property owner, request a steel deadbolt and inquire about a reinforced strike box for added strength.
  1. Video Door Phones – Video door phones allow residents to visually verify the identity of visitors before granting them access. This helps in preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the premises. The recording facility often helps in documenting any suspicious activity which adds an extra layer of security.
  1. Security Cameras and Alarm System – Nowadays, most apartments have surveillance cameras to track the entry and exit of residents and visitors thereby ensuring the safety of the residents. Consider installing one inside your house for enhanced security. Alarms on doors, windows, and emergency exits provide peace of mind and deter intruders.
  1. User-friendly App – Thanks to technological innovation, a user-friendly app installed on your smartphone is making life much easier for apartment owners and tenants. It empowers residents with control over building access, authenticates staff, monitors attendance, facilitates clubhouse bookings, calculates maintenance dues, and fosters communication. The app also manages scheduled visits of domestic help, e-commerce deliveries, etc.
  1. Secure your Windows – Secure your home with more than just locked doors; ensure your windows are fortified too. Consider fire department-approved swinging gates for added protection, especially for lower-level apartments. Tinted or security window film not only enhances privacy but also provides energy savings. Reinforce glass with security film to deter burglars and buy crucial response time.


Takeaway – Miraz Securitas emphasizes the importance of thorough research, secure apartment selection, advanced entry systems, robust door locks, and modern technologies to fortify residential spaces. These measures can help you create a safer and more secure living environment for your family.


Atul Mahajan