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6 Ways Indian Schools Can Upgrade the Campus Safety Levels in 2022

Being a school administrator is not an easy thing. After all, taking care of safety matters of children across several age groups, staff members, and also, visitors is not something that everyone is capable of doing. If you are a school administrator, you know that you need to increase school security to the best of your capabilities, whether these changes consist of facilities management techniques, organizational emergency protocols, affordable equipment, etc.

After all, a breach in school security can impact the lives of students, teachers, staff, and parents. Leading Security Company for Schools Miraz Securitas shares some tips for improving school safety in 2022.

Secure the perimeter

To make certain safety in schools, you need to consider the property’s interior and exterior. Student drop-off zones and designated parking areas are important areas you wish to secure, using perimeter barriers as appropriate. Use fences and gates into the school’s perimeter to maximize safety, whether the school is in session are on, or closed.

Parents, carpool drivers, and buses need to designate student loading and unloading areas. Post signs and convey policies that prohibit unauthorized vehicles in those areas. With that method, the school has more access control.

A security guard or video surveillance must monitor school parking lots 24/7. Designate separate parking lots for staff, students, and visitors, and include an identification system to supervise activity in these specific areas. It is also a good practice to keep visitor parking different from any student drop-off zones.

Make sure areas remain locked

Apart from monitoring entrances, and exits, keep unoccupied premises of the school closed off and locked when not functioning. Prohibit trespassing in locked areas of the building.

Implement a key control system to efficiently manage all keys and duplicates. Restrict the number of individuals responsible for locking and unlocking the premises. Test door locks and electronic access equipment periodically, and change any locks having unaccounted-for keys.

Boost classroom security

Classroom doors must lock from the inside. An automatic locking mechanism will help form classroom safe zones and protection premises. Classroom windows and doors having glass components must have some covering that will quickly block a trespasser’s vision.

Give teachers, students, and staff members with adequate security information and training. Faculty needs to arrange seating to allow for quick exits in an emergency. Students need to understand the essence of school safety procedures. Encourage positive discussion amongst students and staff members regarding security issues, so that everyone stays on the same page.

Set-up two-way communication

A two-way communication mechanism connects every faculty, staff, administrator, and security personnel. All classrooms need to have a microphone and speaker connecting them to the security chamber. Consider having panic button technology — hired security personnel and first responders can react to emergencies even faster.

Keep the local law enforcement bodies informed of the security systems in place at your school. Provide daily updates whenever you alter the emergency protocols.

Hire professional security guards

The presence of professional security guards is an essential step toward discouraging any sort of violence or other unfortunate incidents within the school premises. Acquiring high-standard security services for school from Miraz Securitas can take care of all your security needs within and outside the school premises.

Do threat and risk management

Use professional teams to carry out a threat and risk assessment and define adequate procedures formed on the findings. Boost student and staff protection against assaults, altercations, bullying, theft, robbery, weapon use, and other violent crime.

Atul Mahajan