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Kinds of Training for Security Guards, Shares Miraz Securitas

Security guards or personnel always play important roles in securing the people and properties of the organization, so they need to be qualified to carry out their assigned tasks.

There might be several security guards in an organization, doing several types of duties. For instance; access control, traffic management, reception security, control room operator, and many more

The complexity of the work needs special skills for security guards, and they can improve through training. In this post, Delhi’s top security guard agency Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd shares the types of training for the security guards

Apart from the special security officer, standard security guard training is similar in several countries The security guard training has been divided into three major groups.

Kinds of training for security guards

  • Basic security guard training
  • General security guard training
  • Occupation Health and safety

Basic security guard training

In this training, the trainees learn the basics of safety and security procedures and the basic work, duties, and responsibilities of the security guard.

Here are various forms of basic security guard courses that are based on certain sectors.

Special event security

The training duration can be 1-3 days, the trainees will know about the safety system, operational skills, and several strategies for handling the event.

Hospital security

This could be completed within 2 days, and trainees will learn patient and customer service, access and traffic control, and the hospital emergency response.

X-ray screening

The airport security guard curriculum has included operating and inspecting the X-ray equipment. The security guard gets to learn other topics linked to airport safety such as aviation hazards, emergency intervention procedures, and the safety of aircraft, employees, and the common public.

Cash in transit

This training is provided by security guards tasked to escort the cash or other valuable products. In this course, trainees get to learn standardized methods to provide security services for cash and other valuable transport.

Hotel security

Security practices in hotels are contrasting to those in other businesses, and the security guards need to be aware of the security risks to the hotels.

The trainees learn several techniques to protect the hotel from internal and external threats during the hotel security guard training.

Bank security

Banks are mostly targeted by criminals because of higher rewards. Thus, it is extremely necessary to impart bank security training to the security guards who protect the bank.

In this training, the participant learns about protecting the individuals, valuables, and bank information against multiple risks and threats.

Security supervisor training

This course is provided to the security personnel who have already been promoted or are promoted as a supervisor or the ones who want to take this training to improve awareness.

The course runs for a week and trainees get to learn leadership, management, legal and official documentation, as well as making and filing the different types of reports.

Security manager training

Security manager training is to give the security supervisor if they are on the line of the security manager. The training majorly focuses on managerial roles, state security regulation, and criminal law. The course is usually, not more than a week.

Sport facility management

The course generally lasts for 2 weeks for the security personnel to learn regarding protection at sporting events and entertainment facilities. The aim of this training is to lend the basic knowledge of their roles and responsibilities during the event and promote the standard conduct of the security personnel along with the safety of the event.

General security training

There are several courses in this program and individuals who aspire to take one need to register for a specific course. Upon completion of the course, the applicant is awarded a certificate.

  • Fitness and self-defense
  • Operation manager
  • Control room supervisor
  • Traffic management
  • Control room CCTV operator
  • Operation room supervisor
  • Special course for the port, oil, and gas facilities

Occupational health and safety courses

Workplace safety is also another essential aspect of security guard duty. Even though, workplace safety maintains through the safety officer security staff are the major ones who manage the safety protocols by making sure that every employee complies with them.

There is a range of training for the security guard if the company or the individual wishes to participate.

  • First Aid
  • Infection prevention
  • Safety management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Control substances hazardous to health
  • Health and safety at the workplace
  • Fire prevention and safety evacuation

There are 3 kinds of training for security guards and each of them has multiple courses. The individual or the security personnel participates in the training which is needed for the specific site.

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