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How does an Unqualified Guard Harm Your Business?

Today there are plethora of security guard companies in Delhi and across India that sometimes selection of right security company becomes difficult. There are security companies that practice strong branding and charges hefty fees, there are some that train and deploy highly talented guards to secure their client business and home 24×7×365.

Sadly, there are also exists new security companies that have no qualified security knowledge or experience yet they are surviving by charging low fees and by deploying unqualified security guards. This wrong practice is sustaining here because: firstly, identifying an unqualified security guard is difficult for commoners and secondly, a lot of India households and business decision-makers wrongly believe that putting a uniformed guard at the office gate is all that matters to woo away criminals.

Today Mr. Atul Mahajan in this blog shares what can go wrong if you deploy unqualified security guards for your business. Mr. Atul Mahajan is the director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd, India’s top security guard company which is a 26 years old highly reputed Indian security management and guarding company for securing some of India’s top malls, retail chains, and showrooms.

According to Mr. Atul Mahajan, businesses cannot afford unqualified guards as it affects their reputation and their business can get affected. He shares a situation where an unqualified guard is deployed in a retail store. Think there is an unfortunate incident, suddenly a couple of physically strong goons start misbehaving with a woman customer and one of them steals the woman’s purse.

When the customer notices that her purse is missing, she is definitely going to ask the security guard on duty. What if he does not take the right action and ignores her request? This will help the criminal to disappear. Customers will now have an impression that nothing was done from the company’s side to stop the theft.

It’s quite possible in today’s time that one customer or the other has been filming the whole incident on his mobile phone and by the next few days, the video went viral on social media. In a few days the video gathers millions of views and each viewer concludes that the retail brand is irresponsible, does not care for its customer’s safety. In other words, in three days one-decade old business brand reputation would get washed away due to one unqualified guard.

Mr. Mahajan adds that when a business appoints security personnel, the whole aim is to have a security presence in the whole area that is constantly vigilant even if it is night so that one can be relaxed and feel secure while handling their business issues. Hiring untrained and unqualified guards can have a serious negative impact and the damage may exceed more than what one can think about.

For this, Miraz Securitas train its security guards to a very high level of standards so that they stand out in competence and promptness. There are a lot of events happening every day that shows that when businesses do not have adequate control and security systems, customers are definitely under threat. It is always good to have qualified security guards to save your business from facing a bad reputation.

Atul Mahajan