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6 School Safety Tips for Class Teachers

When it’s the matter of maintaining high-security standards inside school premises, class teachers play an important role to achieve the same. Teachers are expected to stay alert and cautious all the time to ensure a secure classroom – but one must consider that they human too and one cannot eliminate a chance of human error – unless schools and class teachers follow a set of defined security checks every day. So, what are the security checks meant for a class teacher?

Speaking on this matter Mr. Atul Mahajan, who is the Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd (which is one of India’s top Security Guard Service Providers) shares 6 important security tips for class teachers.

Set Clear Rules and Limits for Students on Violence

Class teachers must ensure that students understand from day one what constitutes unacceptable behaviour in regards to violence in school. Every class teacher must outline that pushing, shoving and even threats count as violence and will be dealt with according to their school’s rules.

Develop excellent communication with students

It is not easy for teachers to be present in every moment or to observe every action of each student; hence teacher must invest ample time to develop strong communication and trust bond with students.

Teachers should encourage students (especially in primary and middle class) to talk to them in private and share with them any incident that they find disturbing or difficult to understand or bothering in the classroom, playground, school bus or anywhere.

Bully-Proof the Classroom

In recent years, the focus has shifted from physical violence to verbal violence and bullying. Bullying is a crisis affecting schools throughout the world education system and it is important as educators to say “no” to bully from day one. Take a proactive approach to bullying by engaging students in team-building activities, responding instantly to hurtful behaviour and involving principals and parents when appropriate.

Keep Classroom Organized

Another way to improve school safety is to keep classroom, hallways and other school areas organized and free of hazards. Class teachers should check that their classroom tools and objects are easily accessible for students and not on top of high cabinets or shelves. That way, they can eliminate chances of a student falling while trying to reach an object.

Develop Resources for Depressed or Stressed Students

Many instances of violence in schools involve students who previously have shown signs of depression or other stress. Make counselling services readily available for students and know when a student should be referred for emotional and/or mental help.

Maintain Locks on Doors and Windows

In the unfortunate event of a school emergency requiring a lockdown, properly working locks are of the utmost importance. Class teacher should regularly check classroom locks and report any faulty equipment to school maintenance for immediate repair.

Atul Mahajan