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Everything You Should Know While Hiring A Bodyguard in Delhi NCR

With each passing day, northern Indian cities, especially Delhi & NCR regions are witnessing the use of more and more sophisticated and unpredictable criminal methods to loot or extort money from successful entrepreneurs, employees carrying company cash, jewellers, showroom and petrol pump owners and other potential targets.

As a result lot of people are hiring bodyguards in India to meet the need of protection of themselves and their family member in everyday life. The advantage of hiring a personal body is that every one it helps in bringing peace of mind as well as it protects people’s life.

When considering about hiring a bodyguard, you might have a lot of questions about the necessity and the need. In case if you have decided to hire one, then it is something that you need to take seriously. Hiring professionally trained bodyguards, whether it may be to carry your valuables or for personal security need to make sure that you are in secure hands so that you can keep your mind at ease since you know that you are safe.

Today Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd (Delhi’s leading security services agency) also a leading bodyguard company shares few important points that people should consider to make the right judgment while hiring a bodyguard.

1. Bodyguard Should Possess a Good Judgmental Power: The very reason you employ a bodyguard is to navigate difficult, dangerous or unpredictable situations. Put plainly, you need someone who can think on their feet, and act appropriately. Good indicators of judgment are a calm demeanour (you don’t want someone overreacting, or creating danger where none exists), intelligence and the ability to quickly and accurately read situations.

2. Bodyguard Should Be a Trained Driver: All Miraz Security Solutions personal bodyguards are fully trained in exact driving skills. A bodyguard could be faced with a crisis situation, threatening driving conditions and the need to transport valuable property and personnel. It’s vital that your bodyguard is an excellent and well-trained driver.

3. Professional Demeanour: Personal protection personnel is typically on the inside of important events and meetings. They will interface with key contacts and may even take phone calls. For this reason, security personnel must possess good human relations skills, be polite and professional and advance, rather than damage, your reputation.

4. Discretion: Remember that a good bodyguard will be with the person in a variety of situations, including those that cannot be made public. While a non-disclosure agreement is absolutely vital, it’s equally important that you select a bodyguard agency who values and respects your privacy.

5. Good Physical Built: An above physical build is essential for bodyguards to convey the visual message that do not come near with wrong intentions or you will be in danger. Along with good physic, good bodyguard should have the ability to handle a firearm or other weapon, as well as skills in martial arts or self-defence.

Miraz Securitas Bodyguards and PSO Fleet

Miraz Securitas has the largest fleet of (PSO) Personal Security Officers, Bodyguards, and Bouncers who are ex-commandos from the National Security Guard (NSG) the elite counter-terrorism unit under the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, also commonly nicknamed “BLACK CAT”. Our personal security officers (PSO) are experts in all forms of both armed and unarmed combats.

Atul Mahajan