How To Keep Your Home Safe in Your Absence? Effective Home Security Tips Suggested By Miraz Securitas

No matter if you are staying in a posh villa, premium duplex, house built in your own plot, rented flat or others, you must always stay alert and take effective safety measures at home to keep your house safe against theft and burglary, especially if you are staying in Delhi NCR.

In the last two decades, Delhi NCR has witnessed some unique socio-economic changes that have spiked the city’s crime rate. For example, in the last two decades NCR has witnessed massive boom of IT & real estate sectors as well as a phenomenal rise in income level, large infrastructure investments by government and on the same time has seen an increase in legal and illegal immigrants.  According to crime statistic reports, in the year 2018, Delhi has witnessed 2, 49, 000 criminal cases as per the Delhi Police of which nearly 80% were of theft and robbery,

Today Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd (India’s leading security management company that services over 300 prestigious corporate and public sector clients across India shares some vital security tips to keep your home safe against robbery and theft.

1. Secure your main door

Always install double locks on your main door to strengthen it. Additionally, close any gaps between the door and the floor or ceiling to prevent burglars from trying to pry open the door with a metal rod. Remember these are physical deterrents and easy to install.

Also once you are inside the house, you don’t want to open the door to strangers, so installing an electronic security and alarm system helps allow only those  visitors who you can identify Additionally, an alarm system ensures that you are alerted if anyone tries to break into your home.

2. Be careful of windows & Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass windows and doors no doubt add the extra light and life to a room but do remember they generally are unsafe, because intruders can easily lift some older horizontal sliding windows and sliding glass doors off of their tracks.

Hence sliding windows and doors need extra protection. Use grills and iron rods on the outer side of sliding windows and doors. Put a towel or shower curtain rod in the sliding tracks so intruders won’t be able to slide the window or door open even if they get past the lock. Also, if you install a window sensor alarm, you can get text or email notifications when a window in your home has been opened; you can respond by turning on the lights remotely or accessing a video feed of the location.

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3. Meet Your Neighbours

It’s not necessary that you have to be too involved or maintain an extensive friendship with neighbours but always have knowledge about your neighbour and maintain a greeting relationship with them. An alert neighbourhood is always a discouraging factor for criminals or vice a verse.

 4. Let there be adequate light

The outside of your home should be well lit to discourage burglars from targeting your home. Put motion-sensing lights by your entrances and doorways turn some lights on and off remotely via your phone, or set your exterior lights on a timer. For the inside of your home, you should put light timers near your windows—but close your curtains so intruders can’t see them. Light timers are inexpensive and can be found almost everywhere. They should be used on a daily basis, not just when you’re away.

5. Don’t give out clues that you are out of town

Burglars are known to drive through neighbourhoods looking for signs that a house is unoccupied, such as piled up newspapers, flyers on the front door, tall grass and garbage cans at the curb for days on end. If you’re going out of town, stop the newspaper subscriptions for the duration that you are out, also ask a friend or neighbour to take care of your home. Consider putting interior lights on timers. Do note, try and avoid telling the household help or any other unrequired person about your movements, making them as discreet as possible.

Also remember, reliable and trustworthy security partners such as Miraz Securitas, can help provide physical and electronic surveillance for shorter durations and at short notice as well, helping protect your infrastructure when you are away.