Important Security Tips for Single Women Riders When They Hire Mobile App-Based Cab

Today while mobile app-based cab services have made commuting easy and hassle-free for most people on the other end we keep hearing news of horrible crimes that take place against single women raider by the cab drivers. Unfortunately, these crimes are now occurring every now and then in all Indian cities.

Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd which is Delhi’s top Security Guard Agency says today one needs to be extremely vigilant while traveling alone at odd hours. Here are some handy tips that everyone, especially single women raiders should follow while traveling alone in these cabs.

Send the Cab Details to People you Trust

Mobile app-based cap services send SMS that has the car number, car type, driver name, and driver’s phone number. The moment a rider receives the message she must forward these details to their trusted sources and to the family member.

Google Device Management

Every android phone offers the feature of device management. It allows any computer or phone to track the GPS location of your phone if they know the Google login credentials of your Google account used on the Android phone. Hence share your Android phone’s Google account credentials with a tech-savvy family member or with a trusted friend so in case you feel uneasy about a ride, you can inform the person and they can keep tracking your location through your phone’s GPS

Always Take Familiar Routes

Take a route you are familiar with. You can always instruct the driver for which turn to take and which one to skip. This will prevent the cab driver from going off the route and you will know exactly where you are heading. If you do not know the way, pay attention to the road. Note down landmarks and turns that you think are important if necessary.

Carry an Umbrella

Since monsoons are here, this year buy a long old-style umbrella. It might give an odd feeling, may look old-fashioned, or seem like an extra burden but remember long rod that can double up as a rod to use for self-defense and to break a car window.

Always Carry a Pepper Spray

Apart from an umbrella, keep a pepper spray with yourself. If you don’t have a pepper spray, use a deodorant just in case you need it.

Don’t Fall Asleep

Do not fall asleep when you are traveling, particularly at night. You might lose track of your route, and that can put you at risk.

Talk to Someone Continuously

Before you start your ride talk on the phone and tell the person the driver’s name and car number. Make sure you talk loudly enough so the driver can hear that you have shared the driver and cab’s details. If you feel something not right in the ride then keep talking to someone in the family or with a friend and keep posting where you have reached and how long you think you will take to reach home.

Do Not Take a Cab Alone when You are Visibly Drunk

These cabs come in handy after a Friday night out. But avoid boarding them alone if you are drunk too much. Make sure you have a known company in that case. If you have had a little to drink and are just a little tipsy, try to act like you are not drunk at all. Acting drunk makes you look vulnerable.