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7 Tips for Safe Travel with Your Family in India

The idea of travelling with your family can be a great way to create lasting memories, bond with each other, and explore different cultures. It can also be a great way to learn responsibility and independence, as well as teach your children how to handle unfamiliar situations. But, it’s important to remember that travelling with family can also be stressful.

Planning, budgeting, and dealing with unexpected issues can be difficult for even the most experienced travellers. Hence, it is essential to be prepared and plan ahead to make the experience a positive one. Miraz Securitas, a leading security guard agency in Delhi NCR shares a few safety tips for your family:

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Plan Ahead: It is always advisable to research your destination well in advance. Chalk out your itinerary and share it with people you trust, maybe an office colleague or a close friend. Share the plan with your family and make sure everyone knows where to meet in case you get separated. Don’t forget to carry extra copies of your important documents like your IDs and passports, travel visas, and emergency contact information of your embassy or consulate.

Have a list of emergency contacts available in case of any mishaps. Check the weather forecast and travel advisories for the place you are visiting. It is always wise to familiarise oneself with the local customs, like what to wear, what currency to use, and what the transportation options are. Always have a backup plan in case of an emergency.

Choose the destination wisely: Find out what’s the best time to visit. Look into the political situation, crime rates, local customs, and other potential risks and dangers that could affect you and your family while travelling. Book accommodations that offer the highest level of security such as a hotel with 24-hour surveillance. Check out the medical services and facilities in the area in case of an emergency. Having a plan in place will give you and your family peace of mind while travelling.

Travel Insurance: When you are travelling with your family, it is important to get a travel insurance policy to cover any unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, flight cancellations and lost or stolen luggage. It can provide financial protection against unexpected costs and help you keep your holiday stress-free. For instance, if your flight is cancelled due to bad weather, a travel insurance policy can help you get a refund for your tickets and reimburse any extra expenses incurred during the delay.

Medical Kit: Accidents and illnesses can occur anywhere. Keeping a first aid box in the car is a life-saver. The kit should include basic items such as bandages, antiseptic cream, painkillers, and other items that could help in a medical emergency. It is also important to have a first-aid manual that provides instructions on how to use the items in the kit. It is also a good idea to have a list of emergency numbers handy.   

A Smartphone: It is always smart to carry a fully functional smartphone while you are travelling with your family. It can not only help you with navigating but can also be an excellent source of entertainment during long journeys. You can stay connected with your family and friends while you are away. It also comes in handy in case of emergency. You can also take pictures and videos of your journey to make lasting memories.

Refrain from updating on social media: While you are travelling, make sure you don’t post things on social media. Yes, updating on social media looks enticing but it also gives notorious people know that your house is empty and is an easy target for theft. So, it is better you update them on social media once you are truly back in your home.

Travel documents: carry a sling bag or a document holder to keep your travel documents safe and secure.

Travelling is fun when your safety requirements are met. Bon, voyage!

Atul Mahajan