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How to Select The Right Security Agency for Indian Construction Sites?

Real Estate Tips -To Lower thefts and Improve Labour & Workforce Safety

As the old adage goes, “Home is where the heart is”. Just like we keep our homes safe and secure from intruders and criminals, security professionals to look after the construction sites with utmost care and concern.

Construction sites often contain expensive tools, materials, and building equipment and are hence easy targets for thieves and criminals. From monitoring and patrolling the construction sites to preventing theft, vandalism, and illegal activities from happening, these highly trained on-site construction security professionals also keep employees and visitors safe like the knight in shining armour.

No two construction sites are exactly alike. Every site is unique in terms of size, the number of workers, and the level of risk involved. Hence, it is important to consider all factors while hiring a security professional for a construction site.

Miraz Securitas, top security services company for real estate companies, business parks, and construction sites in Delhi, Gurugram, NOIDA, Manesar, Neemrana, Mahindra World City Jaipur, Rudrapur, shares a few tips to keep in mind when hiring a construction site security professional:

Verify their experience: You need someone who will be alert round the clock and not just sit and monitor the site every now and then. Perhaps the most critical criterion in the hiring process is to make sure that the security service professional is well-trained in dealing with unusual circumstances. Double-check their certifications. Hiring guards who have already worked in the construction industry will save you time and energy in training them for the job. Someone with prior military or police experience could be really helpful. A thorough background check is vital for the safety and security of the construction site.

Make the right choice: Make sure to do your homework by looking for the right security service provider that has experience with construction site security and will understand the level of risk and complications involved in protecting your site. This is because construction sites can present unique challenges that require a different kind of expertise that ordinary security professionals may not possess.

Meet and discuss: Once you have shortlisted a few companies, meet and discuss your needs and expectations so that there is no room for regrets. Usually, construction sites have predictable schedules for security. But, sometimes things can change overnight. So, the security service company must be able to adjust quickly.

Read reviews and contact references: Try to find out about the reputation of the company by reading reviews online and contacting past clients. Even though reviews can be skewed, yet, they will give you a general idea of the quality of service provided by the company.

What impact will security have on your site?

On-site security can lower your insurance costs by reducing the risk thereby having a positive impact on your project. You also need to find out if the security service company will set up special equipment on your site and the time required for installation. Having transparency with your security company will be a win-win situation for both of you.


Lastly, it is evident from the article that hiring security service professionals such as Miraz Securitas is a profitable investment for any construction company.

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Atul Mahajan