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Safety Tips for Women Travelers in India

India’s Leading Security Company for Hiring Trained Bodyguards and Bouncers Shares Safety Tips for Solo Woman Travelers in India

Traveling solo or in an all girls trip is always desirable and a memorable travel experience for any woman. Such trips are generally opposed by family members due to unexpected safety hazards that a girl may find herself in while traveling across geographies. However, in reality, today’s Indian cities are so much crime prone for women that a girl is at equal danger within their own city and home as compared to traveling to a new place.

So girls, this summer, if you have plan to travel solo or with your girlfriends, we have few vital safety tips to keep handy, Mr Atul Mahajan, Director of India’s top security guard company Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd, shares the following safety tips.

  1. Research Your Destination and Route Thoroughly Before Your Trip

Google your destination and route thoroughly. If you plan on driving to your destination then learn, which are the safest routes, what time is safe to drive on those highways. Check if there has been any crime reports and crime pattern on the highways and roads that you plan to travel. For example, there could be a certain location on the highway which is prone to accidents or crime incidences in the past. With your awareness, you can drive more carefully in that area and make sure you don’t stop. One can also ensure to drive closely with trucks and other vehicles.

If you are taking a train or bus, then plan your tickets is such a way that you reach the destination way before nightfall, also plan a contingency plan in case you reach your destination on late hours then you may book a good hotel that has its own cab facility (do check the review of that hotel for women safety).

Similarly note the nearest hospital in your destination, note down the localities that are famous for crime, check what kind of cabs are safe, how to book them (avoid hiring a cab from roads, rather use the government tourism centers).

  1. Blend Well

Generally, it’s very tempting to maintain a look, persona or wear a dress that will make you look completely new and different than what you generally look in your workplace, home or college. Remember the exclusive and different dressing you will put, will attract more attention of others often indicating your newness to the place. That grabs the attention of touts, criminals too. So be yourself as you are and try to blend well with the place, look confident with belief, that you know what to do exactly, in case you find yourself in trouble. Travel is also important to learn about different cultures. In an attempt to blend well, you might find yourself having fun in learning about the local culture and lifestyle of the locals. This safety tip is the most fun and enriching of all.

  1. Make Certain you are Always Connected.

Make sure you are always well connected, so carry a good mobile power bank. Do your research prior and check what kind of SIM card or mobile service provider works well in your travel destination. Like many places in India only BSNL SIM works or in some parts only post-paid connection works. Hence upgrade your phone accordingly, prior starting your journey. While sleeping in a hotel, keep your phone switched on by your bedside and note all the important numbers that matter to you, like number of the hotel owner and manager, number of nearest police station etc.

  1. Carry the Minimal and Avoid Put on your Valuable.

Make sure you carry the minimal required stuff for your travel so your backpack turns into a partner, not a burden. Avoid putting valuables like gold, gems etc. Ensure you keep all your important stuff always with you in your inner pockets, don’t keep them inside your bag while walking the streets.

  1. If Possible Carry a Door Wedge

Remember crimes against women happen in the best and worst hotels around the world. Criminals may play the part of a hotel employee, push their way through an open or unlocked door, or obtain a passkey to the room. As with home safety, never open your door unless you are certain the person on the other side is legitimate, and always carry a door wedge with you when you travel. A wedge is often stronger than the door it secures.

Note: These tips work equally well for men, children and first time travelers to any location irrespective of the place, gender. The motive of the author is to share tips that help you stay secure and make the most of your time during your holiday or travel to new place.

Atul Mahajan