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Things You Probably Haven’t Heard About Bodyguards

In today’s ever-expanding uncertainties the armed and unarmed bodyguards have become an increasingly common thing in recent decades. Rising concerns related to terrorism, kidnappings, assassination bids, and active shooters have inspired several politicians, celebrities, and corporate leaders to invest in executive protection for themselves along with their families.

These professionals assist to provide critical peace of mind and personal security for some of the most well-known and important personalities in the world. Still, the profession itself stays a source of mystery for most people. In this blog, Mr. Atul Mahajan, Director of Miraz Securitas Services, Delhi’s Top Bodyguard services provider here shares things you probably didn’t know about the armed bodyguard profession.

Most Bodyguards Do Not Need to Have to Use Force

First, not every bodyguard is armed. Some work in environs where guns should be out of place or unnecessary. Still, both unarmed and armed bodyguards share one trait in common: they would rather not need to use force. A real professional is focused on preventing circumstances where force becomes a necessity. When a threat is present, the bodyguard’s first aim is to protect his client and get him or her out of that area as rapidly and safely as possible. While fighting or drawing a weapon can sometimes be mandatory, it is always viewed as a last option.

Few People View Bodyguards as a Status Symbol

In recent times, armed security has become something more of a status symbol in specific parts of the population. There is even been an increase in people hiring bodyguards to give protection while they’re vacationing abroad.  Some hire executive protection because of real fears about kidnappings or terrorism, while others do it due to the fact, they have the means and figure that it is better to be safe than sorry.

There is No Glamor Involved

Since bodyguards are mostly seen with celebrities, professional athletes, and other well-known personalities, it is easy to assume that their lives are glamorous. The reality is something else completely. Executive protection professionals are not there to hobnob with the rich and famous; rather, their focus is on identifying possible threats and protecting clients.

And while some movies and TV shows might give the impression that clients and bodyguards ‘hang out together in parks or restaurants, real-life rarely mimics those portrayals. The truth is that armed bodyguards are trained to keep a professional distance from their clients. Moreover, they have other things on their mind. After all, while the client is interacting with anyone, engaged in a meeting, or enjoying a party, that bodyguard is busy monitoring the premises looking for any potential threat.

They are Not Just for Celebrities

Bodyguards are most noticeable when it’s providing protection for celebrities, politicians, and other notable personalities. However, several companies now hire armed bodyguards to protect CEOs and other executive-level officials. In other words, executive protection isn’t simply for the rich and famous. It’s for anyone whose life or safety might be in danger during travels or in any public setting.

Some of the Important Traits for Professional Bodyguards

  • A competent, professional outlook that inspires confidence in those around them.
  • Excellent situational awareness and the ability to rapidly identify and assess potential threats.
  • Quick decision-making ability, enabling them to quickly arrive at the correct response to any serious situation.
  • Quick response capability, and the physical skills needed to stop threats before they manifest.
  • Good organizational skills and the ability to both design strategies and adjust tactics in response to changing circumstances.

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