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Characteristics That A Good Bouncer or Doorman Must Have

Are you planning to hire a bouncer or a doorman for your club, discotheque, or bar? If your answer to the above question is yes then it is crucial for you to keep certain things in mind before hiring. While door supervisor training is a vital step, there are other dimensions of a bouncer’s personality that come into play as well.

In this blog, Mr. Atul Mahajan. Director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd which is Delhi’s top company for providing bouncer services says that there are certain character traits that a good bouncer must-have.

Friendly, But Assertive

A good bouncer or doorman is always friendly. But if he lets people take advantage of his friendliness, issues may arise later down the line. This is why employers lookout for and hire doormen who are assertive. Assertiveness is a characteristic which means that you will be respectful to everyone you come across, but will still lay down the policy and rules if the moment asks for it. An assertive bouncer knows how to enforce the rules of admission without coming to being belligerent or rude. Ensure this side of your bouncer’s character is visible when one works as a bouncer.

Fast and Resourceful

A good bouncer is someone who thinks instantly on his feet and knows how to act in any circumstances. While some of it comes with experience, even new doormen can make it known to their employers that they are ready for any circumstance. An ideal way to do this is by having a notebook of important emergency numbers on hand. Furthermore, it is important for you to know that your bouncer is the type of person who knows how to respond if a situation gets out of control.

The Bigger the Better

It is a hardly a surprise that the majority of bouncers are big individuals. There is a better chance to get hired if one is big, but not all bouncers need to be big in order to be ahead. When one says big it means having a confident personality. Confidence will go a long way to secure the premises one has been eyeing out. So even if a bouncer is not the biggest guy for the job, make it certain that your bouncer is certainly the most confident.

Keen Observant

Are your bouncer being the kind of person who sees things before others do then this is top quality. People who have doormen are searching for individuals who are always on the lookout for potentially hazardous situations. It is always easy to fall into a monotonous routine where one simply stand outside and let people in, so being continuously alert is a valuable aspect.

The Peace Maintainer

Ironically, although bouncers must be ready for possible conflict, they must also inherently be peace maintainers. A peace maintainer is someone who will rather achieve resolution through reasoning and dialogue as opposed to getting involved in a physical fight. This is a valuable aspect that a good bouncer should possess.

Atul Mahajan