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How Well Prepared Indian Schools Are to Handle Emergencies?

When it’s the matter of school’s emergency preparedness, most Indian parents are left with a very little clue on how well their child’s school is prepared to tackle emergencies like fire, electrocution, medical, crime. It’s true most schools take precautions like building tall boundary walls, installing security guards in gate and installation of security camera – But these are not enough to effectively manage an adverse emergency crisis that can result in devastating outcomes if not been managed efficiently during the situation.

So how well Indian schools and educational institutions can prepare themselves handle emergencies effectively?

In this article, Mr. Atul Mahajan, who is the director of Miraz Securitas Pvt Ltd, which is Delhi’s most reputed Security Service Company for Private and International Schools and Universities, shares some important security tips for Indian schools to manage efficiently emergencies situations.

  1. Partnership and collaboration are essential components of the emergency planning effort. School officials should meet regularly with their public safety partners: Police, fire, emergency medical services, and security guard agencies to discuss and develop the safety, security, and emergency planning strategies.
  2. Invite the public safety agencies to visit the school and educate & train the school’s teaching & administrative staff, kids, and security personals on what to do if there is fire, crime, a medical emergency in the school. Ask the agency if they can design an emergency drill for the school.
  3. Equip the school building with security cameras, fire alarm systems,s, and normal alarms so the problem can be identified as sooner as possible. Plus alarm is an excellent tool to put the whole school on timely alert.
  4. Set Prevention Protocol & educate the school kids about safety measures in the regular interval: Teach kids what they should do if they find their classroom and school corridor filled with smoke – like they should immediately evacuate the build, if smoke is too thick then they should crawl as the smoke is less dense near the floor, wrap a wet towel. Similarly, if they hear a violent sound like bullets, they should immediately lie down on the floor and stay motionless.
  5. Schools should practice emergency drills and the drills should execute in a realistic manner, such as during lunch hours, not simply when it is convenient and least disruptive to the school day. Schools must practice in the times and manner they would experience in a real emergency.
  6. Remember the school’s security guard can play a vital role in a time of emergency and can save a major mishap. Security guards in schools are not just gatekeepers to open & close school gates on time, regulate & restrict the entry of outsiders in the school. Make sure your security guard company is capable of offering you guards who are well trained to handle an emergency, check if your agency is led by defense personals, who can provide a realistic aspect of security management.
Atul Mahajan